The Spaceship Verotchka: A SciFi Romance

The Spaceship Verotchka
The Spaceship Verotchka

The Spaceship Verotchka

A SciFi Romance

The Spaceship Beginnings

The introduction to Somyan and Terra Yersaides started as a collection of stories that soon turned into a novel.  A novel that includes Spaceships run by Artificial Intelligence, dying worlds, wormhole travel and murder.

Written to be an easy read that centers on story, character, and action the reader finds themselves in another realm of the Universe.

First there is the spaceship Verotchka, a remarkable spaceship that defied the test of time.

For over two centuries, this intrepid vessel braved the vastness of deep space, navigated cosmic landscapes and faced countless challenges.  Verotchka remained a symbol of resilience, and embodied the enduring spirit of exploration and the remarkable.

The Spaceship: the Story

Second, in a struggle for survival, Terra, a compassionate healer, and her brother Somyan, a diligent historian, embark on a journey from their decaying planet in search of sanctuary.  Soon they find themselves adrift amidst the chaos of an interstellar plague and face their own battles in the vastness of space.

However, fate intervenes and reunites them in an unexpected encounter with the Spaceship Verotchka above the tranquil planet of Tetchki, home to a peace-loving alien civilization.  Together, Terra and Somyan must navigate the intricacies of their alien existence, drawing on their resilience, knowledge, and shared bond.

Therefore this extraordinary tale is a story of resilience, exploration, and the indomitable spirit of life.  As a reader we join Terra and Somyan as they forge an enduring path towards hope, unity, and the promise of a brighter future.

“A problem with robot storytellers is their difficulty producing linear timelines. Therefore, it is common to have stories jump from one moment in time to a hundred years prior. Most stories have tangible beginnings and funnel into acceptable endings. Sometimes traveling occurs under our noses.

The order of our universe is simple and uniform. This occurs at smaller levels as well as in infinitely large arenas. Traveling can occur whether it is in a star releasing itself, a living cell starting to metabolize, or a technologically advanced community operating an interstellar telecommunications network of artificial intelligence (AI).”  The Fall of the Lai Empire by Somyan Yersaides

Where Can I Find a Spaceship?

This new SciFi Romance is available on Amazon in Paperback or KU.

Five star review with following review from reader:

“Possibilities -Probabilities. This story evoked this reader to passionately become interested in the lives of other-than-earth-born beings. The author offers a beautifully descriptive look at beings and their physical surroundings that made me entertain the real possibility that we earthlings are not alone.

The story lays out circumstances that could, and to some degree already have occurred on Earth. As the inhabitants are faced with the need to implement immediate measures to relocate off their home planet, they must simultaneously prepare the means to document their history for future generations.” The Spaceship Verotchka eBook : Hamann, Jamie: Kindle Store

The Spaceship Verotchka: Hamann, Jamie Lee: 9798365532823: Books

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