American Earth Haiku

American Earth Haiku
American Earth Haiku

American Earth Haiku


Eye see what it sees

sometimes what you think it sees

want to want to see


Celestial dirt

once slow aerial forces

now form our Earth’s soil


As powerful as

the experience of the now

taste of universe


What seems desolate

is teeming with smaller life

ask all winter birds


Turn seasonal wheel

small percent of energy

is used with each turn


Have we done enough

to fix the wrong to our land

in our very soil



Sit and read essay

about Albatross slaughter

snow fall in morning


an ecology

now based on the absence of

all of one species


To nature as man

once another finds control

will always destroy


Long valleys of grain

American open space

boxed in by mountain


Mind conservation

after last male pigeon seen

never before snow


Once in a lifetime

the morning dove takes a seat

Passenger Pigeon



Primeval landscape

massive Niagra Falls

heroic and hard


At the central store

the town meets to be friendly

centralized purpose


Build community

thoughts on centralized purpose

around water holes


The indigenous

and the metropolitan

two separate worlds


Build super cities

massing of humanity

overflowing lake


No unity here

seasons of humanity

just stark dried branches



Today find ourselves

soulless metropolitan

consume everything


Shrine of buffalo

whitened skulls in a large pile

dew on their forehead


Travels upward

always first with arguement

about springtime basin


Primeval landscape

barren snow of Antarctic

dogs harnessed to sled


Green Spruce and Willow

provide support for a home

a seasonal tent


Along a snow bank

a bright red fire hydrant

need for the outside


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