She Speaks in Clouds

Speaks in Clouds
Speaks in Clouds

I believe angels appear in our every day, be they, helpers, observers or silent support. We may find them in nature, in physical and metaphysical phenomena and often as known friends or family. We are literally surrounded by angels of every kind, I believe, and to me, nature is a connection of great profundity. Open your eyes and you will find angels standing by…

She speaks in clouds,
each word burgeoning in pristine purity,
and her gentle touch a summer breeze,
warm against the skin and pervading all within,
as her voice is so softly enticing,
her lilting tones so inviting to be heard,
as she caresses thoughts like beauty’s embrace,
a swollen heart, no doubts, not a trace.

Yet what she says is most miraculous,
peaceful ease and loving sentiments
to remove the crusts of sins past
like a cleansing of the heart,
as truths dressed in ethereal robes
become known, atone for past transgressions,
as the world spins in symmetry,
so too our lives, eventually.

Angelic, she is a vision of dreams,
glowing in soft gloaming ease,
colours radiantly imbuing thoughts,
sating halcyon moments in return
love’s sweet moments to appease,
as she, in winged magnificence,
lights that spark so dormant
to once again breathe.

Since we met, the clouds
have a different meaning,
and I, gleaning their every will,
her whispers so gently instil my dreams,
afferent and soothing in every way relieve
the troubles I once thought real,
to know they were mine alone,
so ill-conceived.

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