Unbreaking His Heart

Wildflowers in her arms …

For as long as he could remember,

she had been a part,

of the life he led

and from friendship,

there was love.

Suddenly she was his day and night,

always there and always dear.

When she was far from him,

he wrote her poetry,

that expressed his feelings,

to be sure she knew how much he cared.

It was upon a day,

when he saw that she,

seemed to drift far from him,

her thoughts were not with their love

and he wondered if it was his fault.

He could feel his heart begin to break

and had no idea how to mend it again.

The words of love were there,

only they seemed empty,

as if picked up by the wind

and sent drifting through the air.

As much as he wanted things,

to be the same,

even his poetry no longer –

seemed to warm her heart.

Before he knew it,

one day she went away,

never with him had she meant to stay

and now he was left alone,

with thoughts and memories –

of a love that he seemed not to own.

Through sleepless nights he wrote,

verse after verse of the love he felt,

then armed with his words

and wildflowers that she loved,

he went in search of her,

to show her how much he loved her,

to take her in his arms

and never to let her go.

He found her by the fountain in the park,

the place they both loved,

to sit side by side,

to dream, to drift –

to just be happy and in love.

He sat down beside her,

placing the wildflowers in her arms,

her brightest smile,

was the welcome he had hoped for,

for as much as she had doubted,

the precious love they shared,

she was half not whole –

if she was without him.

Then he began to read,

the poetry he had written

and when the final words,

were taken by the spring breezes,

he had unbroken his heart,

mended hers

and together they had found –

a forever kind of love.

Rasma Raisters
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Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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