The Colors of Summer

The colors of summer …

summer colors
The colors of summer


The colors of summer are so vibrant and rich all around us.

The mercury keeps rising with each day
The soil is parched and looks up to the sky
Hoping that the heat will pave the way
For summer showers that bid dry earth goodbye.

Despite the burning, shimmering haze of heat
The trees stand tall and proud with arms outstretched
As if to say with sun they are replete
The burst of color on each branch is sketched.

Come summer and the trees do don their best
As with the sun for vibrant looks they vie
Now they don’t wilt, oh, no – they preen with zest
To summer sunlight, what a great reply.

And so it is, and ever it will be
Every season has its own beauty.

Shalini Kagal
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Shalini Kagal

I live in India. I'm a retired advertising professional. What I love doing most is to write - whenever, whatever.

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