Sinister Curse, Paranormal Investigators

Sinister Curse

sinister curse
Sinister Curse Flames of Hell

Please see Sinister Curse This Side of Dawn, Winds of Hell for part one of this story.


Paranormal Investigators

Josie Princeton is part of a team of Psychic Paranormal Investigators. They had solved several cases of mysterious hauntings. The other woman on the team, Sally, is a psychic with clairvoyant abilities. Jeff is the owner and Darren is the tech who sets up the camera’s, EVP recorder (electronic voice phenomena), and movement detecting machines. A fifth person is Doug, a psychic medium. Josie has psychological clairvoyance, which means she can receive thoughts and feelings from another being through flashes of images that relate to emotions. She can also receive information from other realms, which is astral clairvoyance.

Josie rushed into the office one beautiful spring day. She was flushed with excitement. “You’re bursting to tell us something,” Jeff said. “So spill it!” While taking off her coat and pulling papers out of her briefcase Josie was talking a blue streak.

“You guys won’t believe what happened to me this morning. You are looking at the proud owner of a huge manor in Gistlewood. These two attorneys knocked on my door with a load of papers and told me an incredible story! I am ecstatic and can hardly wait to visit my new property and maybe my new home. It depends on the condition of it. I am going to make arrangements for the trip today! If I can live there we can turn it into our new headquarters. There are eight bedrooms! You could all move in with me. I’ll go check it out first and let you know what I think.”

“Now calm down and sit down. Catch your breath and have some coffee.” Jeff sat a mug on her desk. She sat down, started drinking the coffee, shifting through the papers. “Okay, I will calmly relate the story,” she folded her hands and relaxed a little.

“I was almost ready to leave when my doorbell rang. I opened the door to see two very well dressed men. One asked me if I was Josephine Mae Princeton. Then they showed me their credentials. They introduced themselves as attorneys for the Princeton Estate of Gistlewood. I was shocked! I never heard of it before. The older gentleman said they have been investigating for years, searching for any members of the family. He said according to all records, I am the last surviving descendant of the Princeton family,” she gulped more coffee and handed Jeff a photo of Gistlewood Manor. “Therefore, I now own the entire estate.”

Jeff looked at the photo then passed it to Sally. His mind was spinning fast. “This is a huge place! We all should go with you. It looks ancient, but in very good condition and the grounds are beautiful.”

Josie was trying hard to calm down, but she was so nervous her hands were shaking. “Hold on, Girl. Jeff is right. You cannot go there alone,” Sally ran her hand slowly over the photo. ”

“What do you see or sense, Sally?” Jeff frowned and watched her face. Sally closed her eyes. “Something bad. It’s … it’s sinister … like a curse … a sinister curse! Bad!” She pulled her hand from the photo as if she had been burned. She opened her eyes wide and stared at Josie. “We need to go there as a team, fully ready and alert!”

Jeff reached for the phone. “I’ll call in Doug and Darren. We need to keep today open for conference and study on this. I sensed something, too, Sally and I agree – it is not good. We may be up to our toughest investigation.” He paused, holding his phone half way up. “I might even call Harmon to come in on this.” Jeff sensed they would be up against, not just another ghost hunt, but a sinister curse as Sally said.

Josie raised one eyebrow and looked at Sally, who nodded in agreement with Jeff. Harmon was a sorcerer.

For the conclusion of this story see Sinister Curse Mystery.

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2 thoughts on “Sinister Curse, Paranormal Investigators

  • June 20, 2017 at 8:28 AM

    I can’t wait to read what happens next when the team actually visit the manor. Good work Phylis.

    • June 20, 2017 at 9:37 AM

      Thank you, John. I am working on the third part and should have it published late today. I appreciate you following the story, thanks again.


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