Loss of Children and False Flag Theory

Loss of Children and False Flag Theory …

loss of children

Has the loss of children become a reason to put fear into citizens to demand to eliminate the second amendment? Is there any truth to the ‘false flag theory’? The timing of school shootings coinciding with political campaigns and elections is so uncanny it makes me wonder if there is a strong power behind these massacres to sway votes and opinions of American citizens.

Has ‘dirty politics’ sunk so low that children must die for political gains to be achieved?

What horrible thoughts these are yet they won’t go away and there are more and more people all the time who are having the same thoughts. Meanwhile, the parents who lost their children in school shootings suffer shock, pain, anger, and unimaginable grief. How long will it take for them to find closure and heal, or will they ever be able to do so? They will forever mourn their loss. A loss like that can haunt one the rest of their lives.

loss of children

Active Shooter Training

When officers take Active Shooter Training, are they not told that the safety of the children comes first? In the Uvalde case, as well as others, the officers put their own safety first. They did not want to get shot, so the children were executed instead by the shooter.

Mass Shootings

Some very unsettling articles have appeared recently.

11 People Were Killed in 48 Hours in Mass Shootings Across America per Josiah Bates at Time.

Mass shootings often coincide with political campaigns and just prior to elections.

How Anti-Gun Fury Could Boost Dems Running for Governor

This is just far too familiar, troubling, and downright scary!

It is NOT About Guns

Now, as with the aftermath of all mass shootings, it is the gun’s fault. When will politicians understand it is NOT about guns?!!! It is about unstable people who kill others. Rather than blame and ban guns, control needs to focus on whether or not a person is stable enough to own guns.

Every day in the year there comes some malice into the world, and where it comes from is no good place.
– Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory (15 March 1852 – 22 May 1932)

What Lady Gregory said in her time is still true today.

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6 thoughts on “Loss of Children and False Flag Theory

  • June 23, 2022 at 10:52 PM

    I certainly hope the lives of children are not being sacrificed as political pawns in the search for power, and for the agenda of tougher gun control laws.
    Something needs to be done to curb the senseless killing of children, however I’m not wise enough to come up with an effective solution. What works here in Australia wouldn’t in the USA.
    Thank you for sharing these views, Phyllis.

  • June 27, 2022 at 8:41 AM

    Interesting. I didn’t even think about that angle to it all – what an awful thought that politics could be behind this!
    Many here in the UK don’t really understand why people are so keen to have guns in the first place, but then it’s not in our history as individuals nor in our traditions. We don’t have a written constitution. We have had shootings in schools here too but generally that is someone who has a grudge to bear or who is deranged somehow. There are also far fewer instances, thank goodness.
    We have to have licences for guns, as in the US I believe, and there are checks on such, plus we have to have them locked up in a special metal container.
    You raise some interesting points here.

  • August 20, 2022 at 6:03 AM

    Phyllis, I read this article and there is so much probability to the possibility of this happening/happened that it is scary. As you can probably guess I am a 2nd amendment supporter like no other. We as a county have gotten to the point that we have let the children glorify violence and death in the very video games that most parents buy them. The virtual world and the online world have created a generation of kids that cannot function in the real world. But yet we want to blame the “tools” that they use to create mayhem. Are they prompted to do so by others as your article so suggest. It is a very good possibility and needs to be investigated by fair minded folks. Great article and raises a red flag that most do not understand or want to dismiss because they do not understand the ramifications of that flag. Keep up the good work…

    • August 21, 2022 at 3:14 PM

      Kurt, thank you so much for your thoughts, words of wisdom, and your praise of my work. I totally agree with you that this subject should be “investigated by fair minded folks”. I, too, strongly support the 2nd amendment and thank you for speaking out on that. I so appreciate you.

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