Wendell Berry Haiku

Wendell Berry Haiku
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Wendell Berry Haiku


Wind makes work seem play

returns rhyme to streams tree root

busy yet will sing.


Life in clarity

slowly, slowly returns

blooms world of color.


Stars built in our air

a timbered choir of stout beams

hear songs of blessings.


In sun and in shack

to stand upon native ground

over life and death.


Fall releases leaf

Spring returns leaf in the wind

share Earth’s radiance.


Blossom’s afternoon

time to drink in scenery

drunk on greenery.


Stillness pierces rock

before afternoon birdsong

swift morning river.



To get to the woods

your feet must move your body

must stand in Springtime.


Must enter the woods

by tree to observe leaf vein

peace no violence.


Life forgives its wounds

new shapes will form near the trail

fresh smell of pinecone.


Red Breast Robin feeds

calmly perched on bird feeder

near our spring Windchimes.


Holding winter fear

until the spring will erode

a path for river.


Shaped by constant toil

aged patterns of the world leave

new life’s script begins.


Flower blooms will go

away from shine of world

beetles turn to dust.



An uproar from shock

combustion engine in cold

may come back to life.


Bottles and wrappers

ride a current towards shore

once a cheap pleasure.


Cold breeze comes quickly

Kingfisher runs to dead limb

broken Sycamore.


Swallows fill the air

swoop low over the water

a muskrat sits still.


Low hanging willow

shadow over clear shallow

tiny fish flicker.


Sweet Dove begins call

on this blustery Sunday

valley sees crow fly.


Woods have always been

before the day of my birth

eternities sight.

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