We all try to Push forward…seems like we are Chasing the Sky…

When dreams never make it…and we wonder why.

Perhaps…I will try to send out a Poetry Message in a bottle

But it never goes forward…as it starts to stumble and waddle.

Myself…I veer out under the moonlight…hoping to make it to a new day…

But…when the moonlight is gone…I must rethink it all…to find my way.

Footpath“…I need you to show me where to go…

“Sendero”…along this splintery, muddy, overgrown trail…I will fol-low.

Hoping it well get me there…

But…I am not any-where.


“Sendero”…Show me the way…

I have to follow you now…today is the day.

As my feet stomp in the clayish, muddy mire…As it splatters…

I want to write a Poem that really matters.

But…I don’t know what lies ahead…upon this pathway I have chosen…

I know no other way…because my mind and spirit have become frozen.

My boots are wet and clogged with thick mud and clay…

The dead leaves on them are clumped so tight…I can’t knock them away.

But…On this Footpath…I have determined to stay…

Because really…there is no other way.


My mind cannot comprehend…

Another trail with which to contend.

I am now set upon my course…

Though I trudge on with much remorse.

And know…that I do not know my final outcome…or if I will prevail…

An adventure was not intended…I never set out for this to be some story to tell.

Along this pathway…I must…I will…continue…

With every fiber of my being…deep down to the very sinew.

To persevere along until I reach its chosen destination…

Will take me further on…past everything…even my own determination.


A quiet life…lived…was all to which…I wanted to aspire…

Now that this muddy, marshy trail…has me thoroughly stuck in the mire.

And push back…the brushy splinter vines that reach out to slow me down…

For I have become part of this trail…slight tears from my flesh…bleed into the ground.

It has cost me much to come this way…

I peer through the darkness…and look forward to the day.

When this trail…may have some light shed upon it…

But the Dark Clouds and heavy branches’…May still cover every bit.

So, I’ll keep trudging this trail…though the darkness…hoping to see the light…

Till I move on…past this distressing time…and place…and plight.


“Sendero”…Help me make it through…

I have my complete trust…dependent on you.

Help me defeat these dense thorns and all of this sluggish mud…

And stop my thinking…that I won’t make it…and any other negative crud.

Find my way…where there is…only darkness…all around…

Where I can find myself once again…with my feet on solid ground…

To not be here…walking on and on…with my pathway…all bogged down…

At the “End of the Trail“…I know my reason for hope…will suddenly be found.

With every footstep I march on…and on…I must find my way…through the night…

My feet along this way…take me to a place I never knew…Lying just up ahead…

Shining in the light.




The End.


Thanks for reading this one!


Please see the Dictionary explanations (below) for this Spanish word…if you are not familiar with it.

English translation of ’sendero’:


Lat Am Spain


path ⧫ track

sendero (sehn-deh-roh)
1. (way)

a. path

Hay una cabaña al final del sendero. There’s a hut at the end of the path.

b. trail

Caminaron en el sendero de la montaña por cinco días antes de encontrar un refugio. They hiked along the mountain trail for five days before finding a shelter.

c. track

Había un sendero estrecho a lo largo del río. There was a narrow track along the river.

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(But…of course this is inspired by Robert Frost’s: “The Road Not Taken”.)


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4 thoughts on ““Sendero”-footpath

  • March 29, 2024 at 4:53 PM

    Hello Steve,
    Sorry, I haven’t been around much but I finally got back here, and I enjoyed this poem which I can relate to. We all have those feelings at time that we are stuck in the mire and not really getting anywhere despite our best efforts.
    I see you are back writing at HubPages as well. I wish you well, and keep writing.

    • March 29, 2024 at 7:36 PM

      Thank you, John. You do a much better job of getting around to commenting then I do. In fact, you make it look easy when it actually takes a lot of time to read someone’s work and leave a thoughtful comment. Hey, I appreciate it…for sure. And…a big thank you to you for reading and commenting on this one: “Sendero.” Been meaning to keep all Websites going but the past year or two…I have concentrated on Creative Exiles…the most. Hope to see your great works over there at Hubpages…as well as here…and anywhere else you can post! Best of success to you with your Writings!

  • April 4, 2024 at 5:18 PM

    Hi Steve, I haven’t been as active here or at HubPages as I would like to be. The lack of comments is a little discouraging, even if the reads are there.
    I have been writing mainly on Medium recently. There is a good community feel there once you establish yourself, and the monetary rewards are better for the likes of poetry. I make more there in a month than a year at HubPages.
    Anyway, I hope to continue to interact with you here, or through HubPages.

  • April 4, 2024 at 8:21 PM

    Hey John…Thanks for updating me with that information. I hope that we can interact across all of the places out there…where we can display what we write. TCE has always been a great place to write on, but I would like to be constantly expanding…as I have so many avenues to explore with my personal writings. It’s good to hear that you are doing the same thing. Commenting has changed since the early days of being on Hubpages…in many ways. But then…that might be a good thing! In any case, thanks for the head’s up. Be talking with you somewhere out there on the internet.

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