Somerset Scenes

Classic Somerset Scene; Wonderful Willows, Pliable and Protective

Somerset Scenes

This is a poem celebrating Somerset, a county of England steeped in history, where sit The Mendip Hills, Glastonbury Tor, the Levels (actually below sea level), rivers, estuaries and channels, as well as abundant wildlife.  I have lived here for many years now; the people’s accent is slow and kind, the views are spectacular.  This county has kept its originality and its indigenous peacefulness, yet it is wild.  More than anything, it is welcoming and it is my home.


Somerset Scenes – Poem

Criss-cross rhynes*, blue-grey mirrors

swaying willows softly green reflecting;

Iris stretching yellow splashes

up towards her symmetry the sun;

Warblers nest in secret shelter,

‘mongst reeds and marsh behind the shifting sand;

Heron stands his statued vigil,

lightning-dives, and, broad-winged, flies away.


Wind-flattened grass, craggy lime

high above, and ever higher still

seagulls scream their precious freedom,

acrobats upon the swirling air.

Far below – rich burnt-red furrow,

Curlews on meadow, Martins on rippled sand;

Wind-whipped dunes surveying westward

Waves of mud-froth, flames at end of day.


Waving grass, waving waters,

divided by swathe of marram’d dune;

Waters, subdued, free the meadows,

**Withies woven, orchards scattered wide;

Humans too their power wielding,

harvesting to eat and drink from land;

welcoming, soft-spoken, homely,

live, work, play and here forever stay.


* a rhyne (pronounced ‘reen’) is a man-made ditch forming part of the Levels grid-shaped irrigation system.

** withies are willow lengths for weaving baskets, figures and decorations



I love to travel but I always love to come home – there is comfort in the familiar, in the trees and the wild birds that I love.  My garden sits by a bank of willows; the foliage shelters many birds and we offer nest-boxes within the garden to give a few a helping hand.

I would be pleased if you, dear reader, would leave a comment and if you know this area, then tell me of your experiences.

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‘Take a Word…’ is a self-publication of stories and poems, designed to encourage others to write creatively, to project their own voice, even create their own words.  ISBN: 9798754336476

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