Drifting Wind

drifting wind

The drifting wind is my friend,

it pushes me along

and makes me want,

to spread my arms

and fly to the skies –

Into a whirlwind dance.

Bringing much joy,

just me and the drifting wind,

taking me over treetops

and making me feel so light.

I love the warm southern breezes,

but the cold north winds –

make me shiver.

Love to breeze along,

with the drifting wind,

it always fills my heart –

with the longing for adventure.

Never liked a day completely still,

when the drifting wind sleeps.

Love open windows,

that make curtains fly about,

always love spending time –

in good company.

The wind whispers secrets to me

and brings greetings from friends –

long gone but remembered still.

Creating ripples of waves,

upon the surfaces –

of lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans.

Where seagulls dance merrily

and lazily drift along.

The spring wind heralds in,

a season full of flowers blooming

and butterflies dancing by.

The summer breezes,

make me delight,

in each cooling puff of wind –

on lazy summer days.

When autumn comes,

the north wind comes blowing in.

It sends colorful leaves,

high into a crisp, clear sky.

Until the winds of winter,

turn the world into ice and snow.

No matter the season,

the drifting wind is my friend,

it sings many songs to me.

Windy days just right for,

dancing down the road –

just the drifting wind and me.

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