Un Espejismo

Un Espejismo

Tunisia-3935 – A Mirage —- The Train!!!
by archer10 (Dennis)

Oh boy…I almost don’t want to even try this Title out. This is a big topic and I’m just not in the mood for big topics. But Hey…When you enjoy writing…what you eventually end up doing is writing on big topics. Because inevitably, you find big stuff to write about. What more can someone say…or in this case: Write. I feel as though I should write of something if only about: “A Mirage”.  What’s life…if it is not made up of the many challenges that we attempt to conquer…or perhaps spoken more plainly: that we just endure.

Let’s get philosophical for a moment. Nah… Let’s don’t and say we did. Let’s just take a big topic and bring it up to a current day way of thinking. (Of course…through my eyes…but please explore the thoughts surrounding “A Mirage” for yourself). Even though, knowing me I will bring a lot of “Nostalgia” into the Topic…and maybe even a “Texan-thang” or two.

By the Way: “Un Espejismo” is Spanish for: A Mirage. I like the way it sounds in Spanish. “Mirage” has a great ring to it as words go, however, it gets used a mega-amount in Poetry. So, I opted to translate out the Title for a little change-up.

I had two thoughts over two days that would have been great topics to write on. Each seemed so incredibly perfect with a plethora of things to note and make all kinds of witticisms about. But each time I forgot the Title by the time I got around to writing it down. The ideas had become a “Mirage”. Simply just floating around in the expansive space between my big ears waiting for a day when they will be remembered. 

Oh Well…Here goes: 

Un Espejismo

A “Mirage” formed in my mind one day…

A Vanquished thought…with nothing there to portray.

A Vision of a “Mirage”…with nothing there to materialize…

The kind of “Mirage” that disappears…The kind I despise.

The “Mirage” waits for you while you anxiously anticipate…

Then vanishes equally quick…Leaving you open for debate.

What was that I saw…

Was it a Blank Picture hanging on a Wall?

No… there was something truly there…

And yet now…it has vanished into thin air.

The thing about a “Mirage” is it appears, and you know what it is you see…

But by the time you get close to it…It is gone…That’s crazy…How can this be?

How many People see the same thing…though it isn’t really there…

And play it off as a “Mirage”…and don’t even care.

But what if you start to ponder…think or even ima-gine…

That the “Mirage” is something that should’ve been.

Now…gone in the heat vapors of a translusive dream…

When it was something that looked so real…or so it would seem.

Makes One wonder what is it…that is exactly real then?

You know you saw something there…but it wasn’t real…only pretend.

The “Mirage” came along…and tricked me into something I thought I now had…

It Vanished just as quick…making what would seem so good…seem so weird, fake and bad.


So many things can be a “Mirage” in our life…something we think is there…but really not…

Sometimes we hold on to a “Mirage”…thinking it’s there…Because, that’s all we got.

Some people are always busy making sure their house and/or car has the latest remod…

When they are as empty as a house or car can be…when they are alone on the inside…a facade.

I looked out the window and saw you standing there…

But then you were no longer there…gone back to nowhere.

I stood and waited to see what it was that I had just caught a glimpse of from my eyes…

But the longer I stood…the more I could see…that what I had seen was just more lies.

A Fake Image…A Pseudo-Color Photo…Not to be believed…

Pulling back the Curtain…where I hide that which I’ve grieved…

Deceivingly like the “Wizard of Oz”…at the false Impression achieved…

A Mirage of something not real…of Someone gone…of Something bereaved. 

Does a “Mirage” catch our minds off guard for a moment…

And give us Hope for a moment…then leave us to lament?

“Poof”…a vanished watering hole when travelling the desert…in olden days…a Future “Oasis”…

Gone…each time you get close…I can’t imagine how that must’ve felt or the expression on their fa-ces.

You travel a great distance…while the “Mirage” up ahead teases with your mind…

If it so easy for a large water pond to appear…there must be “Mirages” of all kinds.

How many similar things are only a “Mirage” …that we see daily and take for granted.

How many more illusions exist and intertwine within the structure of our lives upon this planet?

The thing about a “Mirage” is it exists for a moment and is then gone…and was never meant to last…

A “Mirage” can be a befitting metaphor for Life…as we are here for a time…and gone…equally as fast.


I want to write of a “Mirage”…but hasn’t it been done before…

A “Mirage” can vanquish and never be seen…anymore.

We can easily try to reach and grasp that which disappears before we get there…

Yet, we just don’t get there in time…and what we reach for…vanishes in the air.

You have a thought…and then it goes…

Where’d it go? No one knows.

Have we tried to pursue something up ahead with more solid evidence…

Have we tried to get to the grass that’s greener on the other side of the fence?

Do I seek but never find you?

Or am I ill-fated…not knowing what to do?

Was it just a thought, a dream, or a body of water upon a long, dark highway…

That by the time I got there…it was gone…until another time, another place, another day.

An “Oasis in the Desert” that I needed so badly…

An ample supply of fresh cooling water…that disappeared sadly.

Is much like many things in life that I have known…so well…

That are gone before you got to them…and left no story to tell.

Have you ever been somewhere…and having the time of your life…in the past…

Only…the days you are in now…prove to you always…that what was in the past…didn’t last.

The times you are in now…back then…you would never have predicted…

When day to day doldrums of present day…breed more monotony…of which you’re afflicted.

Those times you recall…from the way back when…

Drift around like a vapor…in memories……again and again.

Leaving you to question whether it was an “Un Espejismo”… was it even real…

At this time…you try to make it back to your “Mirage”…but it’s not part of the deal.

You are left to live out your days…knowing you will never catch up to “Un Espejismo”… no never…

And that time you had…that was so great…you will never see again… (though you try) … no … not ever.

“A Highway Mirage” by MSVG is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


To explain something (in poetic renderings) that no one was asking about in the first place. This is the job of a Poet…Ha!



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4 thoughts on “Un Espejismo

  • May 30, 2023 at 7:01 AM

    I loved this work! Thank you for sharing. Some great insight and in some wonderful line and metaphor use. Great job Steve! Jamie

    • June 1, 2023 at 7:44 PM

      Jamie: Thank you very much for reading this one…and glad you liked it. Appreciate you commenting on a mere “Mirage”. I always enjoy reading your works as well. Be Blessed At All Times, Steve

  • June 2, 2023 at 9:05 PM

    Excellent work, Steve. I enjoy learning how your mind works. Sometimes I think this whole life is a mirage. Thanks for sharing.

    • June 3, 2023 at 12:34 PM

      John: Always appreciate you stopping by and reading my works. If you ever figure out how my mind works…please let me know…ha! Yes…this whole life is one big “Mirage”…IMO. Can’t believe how quick…the good and the bad times…have flown by. Time is one of the biggest “Mirages” of all! Best of Success to you and your writings. Always enjoy reading your works, too. Appreciate your help getting me on “TCE”.


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