Art Form

Art Form …

art form

My world asunder with those stormy eyes, if permissible,

In the cinquefoil bloom, in lockstep with the angels, a shrew,

Debatably, shrew, her figure sculpted as almost fictional.

Tumultuous words, tongues in tangle, innumerable in miscues

It matters not, can something hope, while greatly wishing subdual

A honeyed hand hunt, fraught with blunders, yet, irresistible.


In tempest’s turn, my dapple-hued face, her aphrodisiacal –

Scents haunt my very being, frenzied love, or lusting through,

Months planning for you, the unraveling was something provisional

Our pupils, stilled but reciprocal, stimuli will not be eschewed

This newfangled craving, skin like lava, in burning pursuit

conquering oceans, slaying the beasts, nothing is equivocal.


Come, angel, my eyelids glued to the sky’s lid, Oh! Mythical—

You, reposed in unlivable blues, I yearn for your skin’s debut,

Off with your glistering hues, so we can reach the admissible, —

Reciprocal view, this world encompassment to live up to,

Envious muse, oh fair maiden, your breastplate bidding adieus

Permit to these roaming hands a landing, one so aphrodisiacal.


Unlace your principles, a plunging negligee seems hospitable

the dinner bell was rung, tracing through these shapely honeydews

nothing comes as omittable, mead for nerves, to further the admittable

in lieu of inhibitions and contrition as my skivvy’s front grew

these fingers found space, reaching critical, to spots dripping dew—

and yielding flesh, like two pomegranates, indulgent and visual.


To besting respite, and cognized current, how they are integral

Those little rash-like ghosts flooding the skin, in a sweet beaucoup

an infinitesimal cataclysm of rapture seems equitable

though this art form comes with audibles, things left misconstrued

but entreat I must, to sate desire, fulfill the act, but not too soon,

a wanting partner will do, yes, one who’s thoughts are just as criminal


For more works by this author see Paul Neglia on The Creative Exiles.

You can also see more great work by Paul Neglia on HubPages, where he goes by his pen name ‘pnknucklez’.


Paul Neglia
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Paul Neglia

Proud father of 3. Part time writer of poetry and short stories. I want to paint the world in but a few words.

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