The Double-Tongues of Men

“The Double-Tongues of Men”


“I never said that”, but If I did, I’m sorry

“We can neither confirm nor deny this” that means it’s true

“This contract is irrevocable”, only for it to still legally be revoked

“This contract is Legal and Binding”, contingent that you can afford to have it enforced

“We never disclose your personal information”, unless your lucky enough to catch us disclosing or selling your personal information

“Everybody has to pay taxes, even corporations” unless you discover our secret loopholes



The Native Americans

“Words of Iron are far better than words in a contract.”

“No signed paper can hold the iron, it must come from men”

“We will never commit pen to paper on any contract from the white man’s governments”

“It is sad that the governments of men are cheapened by their double-tongues”

“Governments do not live together, people do”

“It is good that warriors can come together amidst the struggle of life and death and choose life”



The Christians

“Render onto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render onto God what is God’s”

I chose life for all of you and paid this covenant upfront with my blood

“If you seek my Truth, it will set you free”

Psalms 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”



A stark contrast between three various points of view within the English Language and our personal beliefs about Life as well as Eternal Life but also about integrity when using words to describe, enforce, or hold someone accountable.  Words are powerful and should always be taken seriously.  Governments can be pure or corrupt depending on how we treat them and uphold them.  Although some of us may answer and be held accountable to words, as well as the governments of men while others consider themselves subject not only to man, but also to a higher power above all words and governments.  The denominator here in all three is that double-tongues in any language is a disappointment to God and Man. The importance of holding the iron in keeping it and maintaining the “Truth” in the words that you speak is always the best way to live your life.  If you can not hold the iron, if you can not stand by and back up what you say, then simply don’t say it.


You told us “Yes”, you held us high,

and we believed, when you told that lie

We were loyal, you played king,

you struck us down when we kissed that ring

You lost that right, to wear that crown,

we built you up when you let us down

So when you fall, we’ll take our turn,

to fan the flames in watching you burn



Written by Jeff Andreis

June 15th, 2022

Revised February 13, 2023

Inspired by the Clint Eastwood Movie Western “The Outlaw Josey Wales” and the song “Burn it Down” by Linkin Park

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