Shadows of the Past

Shadows of the Past …

Shadows of the past,

are ever following me,

I can hear the soft whispers –

of things that used to be.

They never fail to delight me,

they remind me of gladder times,

when together were we,

through all the seasons.

Like cats on soft paws,

they come in the midnight hour,

when the stars are shining up above

and I know you’re smiling upon me.

Shadows of the past,

always welcome to me,

I can almost see,

the days that used to be.

They followed me through the years,

making me remember and smile –

while drying all the tears.

Slowly losing my fears.

In dreams, I wander,

through empty houses and gardens,

through the streets, we walked hand in hand,

waking with a smile feeling ever so much better.

I wonder if you think of me,

as much as I think of you

and if in unison our hearts ache –

longing to be together once more..

Shadows of the past,

will be with me always,

reminding me of the faces and places –

the times that stay in my memory.

It seemed we were walking together,

then the angels spirited you away,

on the other side of the river, I had to stay –

sadly watching you walk away.

Never too far from me,

never too close,

near enough to hear your voice –

whispering in my ear.

I hear voices and songs,

that always remind me of you,

they comfort my soul,

knowing someday we’ll meet again.

Your smiling face, frozen in time,

photographs never forgotten

they seem to come alive again,

as I gaze upon them.

Shadows of the past,

in the dark of night,

as the moon shines bright –

they come out to dance with me.


For more works by this author see Rasma Raisters on The Creative Exiles.

Rasma also writes lovely poems on HubPages under the pen name of Gypsy Rose Lee. You can read more of her works at Rasma on HubPages.

Rasma Raisters
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Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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