Mind the Brain: When Worlds Collide

Mind the Brain: When Worlds Collide

The witty ones, couched side by side

Banter onward with fancy looks

My friends neighbored; my foes allied

these fantasies, they come from books

Writing with someone’s bloody pen,

My heart is on my sleeve again


In crannies nestled, living free

What thoughts will fly these friendly skies

Or burrow deep beneath the sea

What world have I, where no one dies?

In dreams to tempt desire’s rush

To whim, I dance amongst the brush


Some woodland stir becomes my rest

To where the demons lay their heads

And angels who patrol the nest

Can put those demons straight to bed

Embrace my nature in this mind

where stories told are worth the grind.


Layers peeled just like an onion,

They stink but then we peel some more,

Beyond the caves and the dungeons

Beyond the veil, we find the core

The wealthy store of passion’s play

The mind, a waiter, serving prey.


Admissions to the curtained show

The scenes attuned to viewer’s mood

These marriages of views aglow

And conversations come to soothe

I give to you this grand old stage,

so mind and matter will engage.


This warrior will go to war

If just the cause, and worth the fight

What strong debate can we implore,

What crown is worn to bandage plight

Next memo on my calendar,

to pull the sword Excalibur


As might is welded so is thought

How to address these inner hordes

These mighty wars we all have fought

What’s right, what’s wrong, can we afford

To war in blissful ignorance

And leave the world to happenstance


Where one is sweet unlike a forge,

Its weapons chink with hammered score

The other carves a brain-like gorge

These inner wars just like a sore

No on/off switch can we just flip,

To make the picture just a blip


Engage and fight and figure out,

The demon’s brood and angel’s host

What’s right, what’s wrong, what their about

What corner cheers the Holy Ghost.

To wake anew another day

My mind, His gift, no other way


Mind the Brain: When Worlds Collide


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Paul Neglia
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Paul Neglia

Proud father of 3. Part time writer of poetry and short stories. I want to paint the world in but a few words.

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