What Haiku Hold

What Haiku Hold
What Haiku Hold

What Haiku Hold


To build new school

with a thousand wheelbarrows

near high ceiling lodge.


Dwell in Sierra

foothills of the mountain range

a place to call home.


Mountain blossoms lift

into a stream of cool air

up above the pine.


Edge of a meadow

these are the People’s Forests

where this field closes.


What once was wild place

housing to the horizon

now all landscaped yards.


A moonlit landscape

see nothing but cow pasture

black outline of cow.



Some wet years may pass

some frigid and cold ones too

all some sharp design.


Tan rolling meadow

now dark corners of city

lean places of loss.


Solemn silent sheep

graze upon a darkened hill

stamp and steam in chill.


A forest fire haze

for our children to run through

they look just like us.


Nameless granite peaks

birds circle these western slopes

east along river.


Salmon jump in stream

slightly out of lazy view

hear only a splash.


We are free to be

climb every tree swim in stream

no one can stop you.


Awake after sleep

a refreshing ten hours

after long days walk.


Wind through this high pine

performance of high culture

Nature’s Symphony.



We chose the outdoors

practice for a deep ramble

into a forest.


Today frozen grass

morning before melt away

feeds whatever sprouts.


This vast house of wild

once would roam a seldom Elk

near comfortable tree.


Ordinary poem

small poems will hold so much

told as if alone.


Only this one world

home for the millions of us

Earth’s heavy burden.


What Haiku can hold

braided channels of river

a lonely bird song.


Poems in baskets

where pull ropes heft this bundle

it will keep a hold.


To take on a trail

near black bear eating berries

a hummingbird hums.


Nature not a book

where we live this is the real

wish to live in clouds.

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My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I have a passion for writing short fiction and poetry. I started writing for TCE around 2015 and since then I have finished seven collections of poetry and plans for more. I currently live in Lemmon Valley NV with my family. If you desire to find my other work on the internet feel free to stop by my website simplepoetics.weebly.com. The website offers articles on poetry, poems, and links to all my other writing.

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