Rebellious Son / Fallen Angel pt.2

Rebellious Son / Fallen Angel: part 2


rebellious angel

I will lead them where you cannot Father.

I, their hero of self-righteousness

I, the castaway, the one considered improper,

Shall unite them in one language, minus one…

Yours, Father… that transcendent vernacular

They will not know Your clutches as master


I shall renown Babel, to persevere as one

Far from Your ideals, Your wrathful purviews

Renouncing the labels redeemed as son

No longer am I Your rationality accrued

I needed You, to love me, not just because,

As I foment you, I want them to take up my cause


The cause of one, carved unto the ether

Where boundaries are set, and all encompassing

I will break them, I will break all of Your believers

Ha… all I wanted was love, and all You gave was suffering.

All I will offer is suffering, and your offspring will accept

I will teach them to forget You, they will disconnect.


They will gather in tribes, a frailty of character

They need groups, goals, idols, resolutions

Their groups will make sub-groups, with I, their editor,

Their walls will deteriorate from within, from confliction,

And I will whisper into their ears, of laden contracts

Of bloodied quills for signing offers, of faux abstracts


You are right, I am irrelevant…but only to You

To Your molded clay, I am apocalyptic

I am the horrible monster that You created who—

incorporates his will into them, I will be cataclysmic.

They will fall like towers do, and I will be there

To collect their souls and leave them with their mumbled views.


This I promise…Father



Ah, my dear boy, sometimes…sometimes you lose.

How does your pride taste, I’ve always wondered

I keep that part of me in a box, like street refuse

Like where I’ve kept your heart, and all your brothers

Not real ones, just the idea of it, my instincts knew better

I gave you fire, and you became a disease, a fire spreader


Surely now, it’s evident I made the right choice

You were never irrelevant, just a poor decision

I made you with My light, and you stifled its voice.

Man will make his own decisions, live in his own prisons,

the ones searching for clarity yearn to break those chains

Squelch those demons, and try to ignore your campaign


I knew when I bore you there was a shadow around you,

This contrast held life, but you were My first, so I ignored it

So, we were destined to opposition, by My choice to keep you

To give you this light, this reward, I failed, I blackballed you

But this crass aggression is unwarranted, this childlike fret

I’ve given you lifetimes to straighten it out, but still you’re upset.


Do you think you rule this generation, that your hands are ironclad??

I told you before, like ever you don’t do anything without my nod

Your lies will come to light, the same light you deemed as bad

My creations are intuitive, they will see through your façade

I admire your ploy to bring out the monster, to rebirth such cruel

I see My Yan in you, the pathway I shunned as the infinite fool.


The ends you seek, yet the branch is sawed on which you stand

I see you’ve rolled the dice once more, and will play it as it lands

A simple garter snake, to destroyer and deceiver of the lands

The music sounds awry, the guiding paper poisoned on the stand

They will read of you in music, and through the poet’s pen,

They will see your ugly form, with the canvas stroked again.


Time and time you will make your way, into their normal life

A spectacle, a commonplace, the two will intertwine

Yet try you will and never learn, and live amid the strife,

Because fighting me seems much better than just falling into line

I get the grimaced face you wear, when told of what’s to come

Don’t act surprised when the trumpets blare, or you hear the beating drum.


…To ash…my son…


Rebellious Son / Fallen Angel: part 2 is continued from Patronizing Child / Fallen Angel

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3 thoughts on “Rebellious Son / Fallen Angel pt.2

  • February 23, 2023 at 9:14 AM

    And the son remains rebellious and never learns. This continuing debate is magnificent with the skillful phrasing you have created Paul. It is intense. Well done.

    • February 28, 2023 at 12:18 PM

      Thanks Phyllis I’m going to post another soon. Really appreciate your continued support.

  • March 5, 2023 at 6:28 AM

    Amazing Paul. First of all a conversation between Dieties is not an easy task to pull off but you mastered it my friend. Second the poetry is compelling with great rhyme. I liked how you were able to discuss human frailty and the human condition within this conversation as well as discussing the role of the divine. Jamie


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