Depraved Son/ Fallen Angel

Depraved Son / Fallen Angel

Depraved Son

I fight along my kin as such, a war against Your name

You gave lumps of clay a soul, and gave our wings the flame

What do they have that we don’t? Why giveth them such fame?

A third of us hit the road, and You’re the one to blame.

I covet the love they get, my wings I’d give to gain

For now, I’ve come to claim, a minute of Your frame

Sit on top horizon’s breast, the new world I will name

Top dog at the world’s behest, my madness never tamed


I analyze my childhood, to finding Heaven’s door

Time to raid Your every front, and even up the score

Hate score unsettled yet, a cut remaining torn

Why am I seen as such filth, a son You once adored…

I just want You to hear me, to just once use my name

Not the stained one, the real one, the one used before shame.

Why do all lanes lead to this, this path of passing blame

I hate myself for all this, but no more than Your game


Know that I will play this game, twisting what You proclaim

I will rip this whole house down, leaving a lone doorframe

Your frame to hell stays ajar, as whatever it was named

They will make their bed in there, whatever they declaim

As hell, hades, the abyss, different names for the same

1000 years is nothing, you need more for your fame

Good luck with all the cleanup, of everything I’ve maimed

I played the part of accuser, now I will be the bane.


I’ll continue to deceive, like the moon sheds shadows

Or a serpent sheds its skin, amongst them I’ll lay low

This ideal upon Your ball, tempting with what you bestow

An apple of Your flesh, which hangs the worldly woes

Mud puppets are pliable, their pride leaving such doubt

How they impose creation, masters of a broken house

Naïve to angels and demons, hunting from the boughs

You set them on this fancy, with dreams and goals endowed.


They will be awake to us; they will know how I feel.

Treacherous they will become, to know that I am real.

In this world they’ll raise their ilk, where fear is unpeeled,

With propensities to kill, with weapons they will wield.

I am the snake that they see, the one they’ve always seen

Good and bad my hierarchy, each side is now unclean

I birthed them as my hunters, predation is a means,

Remember You approved this date, life was our first scene.




You were special you had My seal, but you are no more

Any man can take your mantle, unlock your vile doors

You’ve spread yourself way too thin, can you tell me what for?

To punish your Father, perhaps I care for them more?

You were so strong, a warrior, unbreakable before

I called you the light-bearer, My gift be what you bore

Intoxicating right? Only you had that rapport.

You thought yourself as king when you’re just a snake abhorred


Now you’ve realized what I made, you fire was meant to soar,

A tempter with tester’s gauge, your wings not meant for swords

You saw you as a weakness, you had to take the shores

I gave solace in My kingdom, you begged for civil war

You come with dragon wings, your evil breeds its sores,

I know you will tempt My Son, when He is at His floor,

Turning stones to bread, asking Him to bow at your fore,

Remember I’m omniscient, I’ve read the final score


I know you will tempt him first, he, himself is at war,

Plant your seeds of doubt, he will blame her for what’s in store

no more will snakes have legs, on their bellies to explore

whispering in her ear, I see you, both sides of splendor,

Good and evil, will do, you are not its guarantor,

That rank is meant only Me, and you will conform,

This House has no place for you, there is no room and board,

Sad to think what you’ve learned, is contrarily ignored


To say you were steadfast and just, there is no debate,

I held you up, my righteous hand, your will was innate…

I made you that way, radiant, none such could relate

Desire has cast you down, down to a prideful estate

Rain falls and thunder claps, I wept for you and your hate

You’re not infinite like Me, a small cut on the slate

Peter’s gates won’t fit your keys, you shan’t conjugate

Bottomless the pit that holds your chains, awaits your fate.


Taunt My throne, reprove my ways, you’ve shown just what you know,

fame dominion past love, this a game of let-it-go

Know why I’ve kept you still, your status is apropos

Humans can learn for you, all those mistakes you can show,

Am I wrathful, No, but soon my patience will slow

And these outbursts will be quelled, you will then lose your glow,

hatred will fan the flames, for the pit down below.

Kowtowing shall be your pleasure, and the pain will grow.


Go ahead cloud their judgment, they will reap what they sow

Whether sin or righteousness, each action will foreshow

Watch them as they grow, watch them sacrificing their own

Your time is fickle, seconds sew, every beat borrowed

This earth I’ve made is yours to grow, 1000 years though,

Brimstone has a smell, like napalm thrown, the ashes snow

Time is only mine to own, I say how the air will blow

Such impressions…, as if you know how the story goes…


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Paul Neglia
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Paul Neglia

Proud father of 3. Part time writer of poetry and short stories. I want to paint the world in but a few words.

3 thoughts on “Depraved Son/ Fallen Angel

  • March 2, 2023 at 8:02 PM

    Powerful writing here, Paul. Your word and phrasing skills amaze me – they are remarkable. I enjoyed reading your poem. Well done.

    • March 4, 2023 at 9:51 AM

      Thank you Phyllis I’m glad you continue to enjoy these


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