When I became a mountain

I remember the morning I became a mountain
I dared you to climb me
I dared you to blow me over

“You’ll never see the end of me,” I bellowed

I remember how under the noon sun I grew into a cactus
Who would challenge my army of spines
Challenge the SUN, the ageless years

“In this land of bones, I’ll be untouchable water in your desert.”

I remember the evening I folded into a deep ravine
With a river as my archangel
A meandering wave song, an eroded soul

“With wave song and waters we carve the land, always have, always will.”

I remember the dusk I turned into a bat
Swooping low with mad, black eyes, flashing
Darting under the spotted light of UFOs

“Eat to live or live to eat, all of us know madness under a sky of UFOs”


And I remember the night

The blood moon one, remember? When I turned from stone to sand, and water to powder

And the stars shone brighter for a minute, guiding me, giving me time to be carried by the wind

And scattered across the earth. Like a daydream. Or a fever.


I remember the first time I heard my name called
In a manner of evolution never taught to me before

And I spoke

And for the first time heard the sound of my own voice


© 2023 Elizabeth Mathews


“When I Became a Mountain” was written by Elizabeth Mathews. Watch for more posts from her. You can find her author page here on The Creative Exiles.

Elizabeth Mathews
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Elizabeth Mathews

I do ecological restoration work and map making. I love to write poetry and short stories on the side, and I make art through collage and AI generation.

4 thoughts on “When I became a mountain

  • January 11, 2023 at 11:46 PM

    Quite surreal, but amazing work. I loved this poem.I just saw the movie “Troll” so this resonated with me.

  • January 16, 2023 at 7:21 AM

    Hello Elizabeth. Your poetry breaks many boundaries and filled me with thoughts of multiple opportunities. Thank you for the inspiring read. I must know, did you do the collage work? Fantastic! Jamie


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