To Load Hay Bales (Montana 2000)

To Load Hay Bales
To Load Hay Bales

To Load Hay Bales


Celebrate each find

day in fields to bale hay

bend your knee to not harm back

usually grunt

to move each bale to the truck

somewhere in middle valley.


Above streak of clouds

valley sky seems large today

only smudge of white on blue

to load these hay bales

strong as the pine near foothill

our shadows cover this field.


Blisters on sore feet

a comfort in good deep work

another night of restful sleep

to dream of each dawn

fresh hot coffee in morning

embraced by Rocky Mountains.


Lift move lift again

sour smell around edges

forward movement like red ant

into complex dust

each ear rings like high pitch bell

body hardens to

learns pace.



Turn and walk slowly

back on path to the truck bed

sudden cool breeze through short hair

such intense pleasure

as another bale lifted

pull of weight released from grip.


Remember city

“The City” San Francisco

heading over Golden Gate

to peer out on Bay

morning sun follows water

onto high rise reflections.


As the sweat drips down

to surround smell of covered straw

a lean and heave from the core

three feet of smashed grass

when strength breaks free and bale buckles

young and old throw bale on truck.


Feel past and future

leave through the top of our lids

only the struggle of now

few hours of day

then head home as the sun sets.



Lived on concrete street

enjoyed coffee from Deli

gems as hidden bookstores

with public transit

movement of constant walking

too many ghosts in cities.


Here comes a clatter

layer of hay in truck bed

move on truck rises too fast

each bale needs to stack

a heavy piece of puzzle

organized with metal hooks.


Turned fifty years old

here to move heavy hay bales

under the shade of mountain

as sun spans valley

grip with aged leather gloves

will finish job tomorrow.


Prefer the slow pace

collect hay bales for small farm

alone in a vast valley

fresh blisters on feet

to build hard callous fingers

“system of systems” behind.

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