Hallowe’en; Revenge of the Damned?

Hallowe’en, Revenge of the Damned?

The Damned

Hallowe’en, ‘Revenge of the Damned’ is a way for children to have fun, go out in the dark, hopefully supervised, dressed up to look scary, maybe collecting a good pile of ‘treats’.  This poem is about the evil aspect of it all.

I find that the scary, spooky, evil aspect is almost completely side-lined.  The emphasis is commercial and I find that sad.  Not many make their own costumes, though the pumpkin carving is great fun and often spectacular.  So I turned my thoughts to the ‘other side’, looking at the revenge of the damned!


Revenge of the Damned?

I don’t like Hallowe’en

with all its costumes,

false blood and screams.


I don’t like trick or treat

with all its flippant



I don’t like false-toothed vampires,

fluorescent bones

and fire.


It all makes my cold skin crawl,

it’s not how it should be,

not at all.


Children encouraged to roar and squeal!

How do they think that makes me feel?


The eve of All Saints, haunting time for we souls

cast out into limbo, offered no hope at all,

should be ours to revenge or yours to repair.

What shall I do when I crawl from my lair…….


or will you take pity, make amends, play fair?


AFC Oct 2022


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