Old Ghost Voices

Old Ghost Voices

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Just me, explaining myself through Poetry words. Words that have been in my head for years. Now inviting you to read and see what you think? This one is not meant as a “slam” against any words of advice…words of wisdom…towards the ones that helped raise us. Rather…when listening to words of wisdom…perhaps handed down from a previous generation…was that wisdom tailored to you! Because…you are your own unique person. Perhaps you were put on this planet to “Tame the Wild Wind”…or at least to give it try. Perhaps. This Poem is about all those “practical” voices of learned ways…and serious choices…that filled our brains as young kids. These voices were not wrong…and were very caring. Yet…where was the advice to live a dynamic life…and “Go, Grab the Wind”!

Old Couple
Old Couple | Source

Living off old Ghost Voices…

Got me headed the wrong direction using the same ol’ choices.

Choices filled with practical, scripted phrases…time and time again…

Yet, Where was: “Ride the Wild Horse Before You, Go Ahead And Ride the Wild Wind”!

Did these voices ever truly live from everything they ever said and did?

Why not encourage from every word of your mouth to the very heart of a young kid?

How did you live, old voice inside my head…What held you back?

Should I live as you…So practically…while leaving dreams to die hanging on an ol’ hat rack.

There was work to be done…and kids to raise…

Plants to Harvest…Sunday mornings to Preach and Praise.

Money to hold onto…Courses to learn…

Discipline to discover…Youth to burn !

But when did you say, Old Voice: “Go See the World While You Can!”

When were these words spoken to the Very Heart of a Young Man ?

What you may do in your life…is as individual…as each flake of snow…

“Go…Do What You Were Made To Do In Your Lifetime…Go!”

What did you know of which way my own Path should be…?

Open the Door…and set forth encouraging words…to help me along my jour-ney.

The way is not clear for anyone…

Don’t hold me back with words of what I should’a done.

My first thoughts in life…should be of what I can do from talents that are unique to me…

I should be trained in their ways…to become all I was naturally intended to be.

Not that your words of wisdom were not intended as something good…

Just let me be free to follow my path…as you wish that your old voices in your head would !

“Old Voice, Old Voice,” Handed down for so many generations…

Leave me now…And never come back to me with words…unless they are words of “Congratulations” !

“Old Voice”…your time has come and went…

You alone are to judge…How best your life was spent.

But don’t hold me back for another minute more…

You have no idea of what all my life has in store.

It is good to pass down wisdom…good to have some kind’a plan…

But all the rest…is completely out’ta your hand !

“Old Voice”…Thank you for taking the time to care…

“Old Voice”…Leave me to walk the voice I choose…For it is not something that we both share.

“Sure”…I appreciate you advising me…the VERY best you can…Yet you always have concern in your voice…

“Quiet Now!”…I must choose my own direction in life…Far from what you would’a called a VERY “practical” choice.

© 2011 ManlyPoetryMan (Originally)

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6 thoughts on “Old Ghost Voices

  • July 19, 2022 at 3:50 PM

    I am parenting two teens and an almost teen. I find this poem fit into some situations I have found myself in with my kids: “Hey old let me have my own voice.” Of course the depth of this poem brought me into other profound conversations about the passing of time and my age but conversations with the young ones kept popping up. Great poetry Steve. Your friend. Jamie

    • July 20, 2022 at 10:00 AM

      Your conversations with your young ones are important. Being so concerned about this minute’ point makes you the type of parent that your kids will always look up to. This particular poem focuses on one moment in time… Of a feeling. In a small way meant to encourage. To encourage those that want to explore art and the big ‘ol world and the great outdoors and things that lie ahead. Kind of like getting up on a wild horse. You never know what to expect… But when you do it…you find you were destined to do it. This is a complex topic…that no one talks about…and that no one does perfectly. I, also, have given too much words of practical advice to my own children. Maybe, that is what centers us when we are young. Historically, great minds and great ideas have always been met with rebuttal. That has always been around to keep everything lined up along “practical” ways of thinking. If great minds of the past had stayed the “practical” way of doing things…we would still be rubbing sticks together in a cave. Where does a young heart and young mind go to go forward? They must be encouraged… I think. But ultimately, they must find their way. Thank you for commenting on this poem and for getting into the spirit of it. And, for reading it! Your friend, Steve

  • July 21, 2022 at 6:03 PM

    Well done, Steve. I believe this poem has something for everyone to reflect on. I remember (will always remember) when I first started writing, a person I looked to for encouragement and support shocked me to the core. I showed her some stories I published online and looked forward to her praise. I quickly learned to not have expectations of anyone. Her response was, “Why do you do it if you don’t get paid?” She could not grasp the thought that I wrote because I loved to do so and it gave me joy to pick up on the legacy my father left me of being a great storyteller. “Oh! Pfffft!” was her response. That was so many years ago and I have not lost my love for writing one iota. I could have let that old ghost voice slap me down and dampen my spirits, but no way! My Dad’s love of storytelling is firmly implanted in my soul and I carry it on for him, for me.

    • July 22, 2022 at 8:17 PM

      That’s great encouragement to hear that this poem could have something for everyone. Encouragement is hard to come by…especially at the times when we need it to take a bold step forward towards our own individual destiny. My generation…and the ones previous…were always taught that you should graduate college for success and get a nice desk job. (Honestly…I can say this now…in my old age…desk jobs are boring.) I get a lot more done on the fly…moving about…always have…always will. I would have liked to have my choices in life geared more towards who I am…what my talents are…instead of having to pick from the general category…that is made with a very wide brush for every application. But…that’s just me. And, this poem comes from the wrestling with my past…and where it took me. Good to know that your “Art” (writing) made it through skepticism…and was encouraged by the storytelling of your Dad. Your Dad has influenced you in many ways…as you speak of him, often. I had one English Teacher (who made us do a lot of Creative Writing in Junior High) tell me that I could be a great Texas writer one day. Imagine…that I can remember that after such a long time. That’s great! That’s what I’m talking about! Peace to you…Thanks for the reading of this one and for commenting…with in the thinking of this work.

  • July 22, 2022 at 1:20 PM

    ‘while leaving dreams to die on an ol’ hat rack’ – What a great metaphor!

    Love this piece. It has wit and wisdom and gets us thinking. Great idea too. It’s so true that we have these voices echoing from the past.

    My parents were very forward-thinking and encouraged me to follow my interests. They were guided by a stricter society as well as interrupted by the war.

    My Dad was a writer so understood and my mother was a maker, a seamstress, who taught me about colour and design, so encouraging my artistic side.
    Some expect their children to do things they themselves wanted to do but couldn’t, somehow fulfilling their own ambitions vicariously.

    Encouragement with others’ interests at heart, yes. Influence to do something against the grain, no.

    We should follow our own dreams and learn from mistakes.

    Really enjoyed this!


    • July 22, 2022 at 8:49 PM

      Glad you loved this piece and that it can be something that gets us thinking. Glad you were able to relate to the old voices echoing in our head…telling of the ‘best” course of action that we should pursue. Sounds like you had great encouragement growing up from your parents and that you can reflect positively on that. And, I did from mine. Not really looking to find blame…or point fingers…with this writing…by any means. Just investigating all the “what-if’s” and hoping that the writing of it can be some form of encouragement, too. We should all follow our dreams…and learn from our mistakes. (Like you said) After all…if one dream doesn’t work out…there are plenty more where that one came from…no doubt. (Ha!) In this World…breaking out ahead of the crowd or branching out down a different trail than the norm…will get you pure scoffery! (scoffery-is a word…I looked it up!) I must say. The “Practical” is always taught to us. There is an abundance of that. But…there is a whole big World waiting for us, too…as we are being taught the practical. Who knows…which way a young heart and mind should go…anyways??? Best and Humble Regards to you, Ann…Thanks for reading and commenting on this one and for getting into the spirit of the Poem!


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