Bookshelf and Bottle of Wine

Book and Bottle of Wine
(Rosy_Photo@Pixabay)                               Bookshelf and Bottle of Wine

Bookshelf and Bottle of Wine


This online world of errors and false views

I hope my happiness finds time to rise

maybe with knowledge I can compromise

since what one knows one can certainly use.

No need to let this beauty offered sour

and let our gifts get lost within our spleen

to consume meat that’s relatively lean

remember the touch from sunshine power.

To hope to find a fire on every height

and swim the silver stream of golden times

avoid the awakening of unrest.

I’d like to bring my bookshelf to your sight

to move attention to some decent rhymes

then open bottle of your very best.


So let me stay and amuse you with art

then show you page and page from book and book

a hidden phrase removed from secret nook

maybe some inspiration for a start.

The ocean calls from a glistening bay

to feel unruly unrest awaken

then ensure a measured time is taken

after wine we will limit what we say.

The day before us the night behind us

an extremely quiet world lies below

when our spirits wings will not change their shape.

oh please let us spend our time without fuss

as we discuss how slow our gardens grow

and share these books we’ve used for our escape.


My artist heart still feels weary unrest

a multiplicity that is hard kept

an honest nature that has truly wept

without requirement to do my best.

Please listen there are two souls in my breast

one soul is deadly jealous of other

the other quiet and beaten brother

our lovely meeting put all this to rest.

Both souls will quest on ancestral lights

as spirits sway between earth and the sky

sweep me into golden vapors of life.

I hope to find a fire on every height

we drink some wine and never question why

the choice of vase with the purple loosestrife.

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