Some Easter Sonnets

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Some Easter Sonnets


To try to find the good in this here world

when we make known the Easter Holiday

a renewal of spirit as we pray

the drive behind the bud where winters gnarled.

Have faith that we can lift out of vulgar

with Easter choir to sing consoling hymn

song first sung by angelic cherubim

among the pews of Catholic culture.

Fantasy remains in glorious flight

our Easter to confirm your covenant

the stain glass of an early morning mass.

Our Grandma dozes after her late night

she saved her prayer for this stained glass moment

the forgiveness of every trespass.


Remain hopeful to capture the sublime

will bring to mend so many youthful nights

to find our peace within soft candlelight

and know the family will gather in time.

Studied matters great and small to know all

the noble things my mind will soon receive

yet underneath I solidly believe

the birds will bring rebirth with singing call.

On Easter we tie linen on adored

return to bless the labors of person

and bless families on this Easter Day.

When devotees fall to knees for their lord

every year the same proposition

a Cathedral space for ‘Miracle Play.’


Relentless care dwells deep in the heart

the day Heaven’s love rushes as a kiss

when every prayer brings impassioned bliss

when need is followed by passions support.

This day of soft pastels and Easter Egg

when friends will gather to fulfill duty

to help exercise wit on this beauty

and share our gifts so no one has to beg.

Oh please continue mild hymns of Heavens

and shine upon my family this light

that pushes seedlings up through soft new soil.

A hopeful Spring whose color refreshens

on Easter Day we regain our lost sight

as resurrected from our daily toil.

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