Interpretation of Dreams

Interpretation of Dreams

I dreamt of…

So many times, I’ve heard these words

Random thoughts or serious meaning

Some say yes, while others disagree

And yet the joy is in examining

When you find yourself falling

Means you have conflicted emotions

Maybe losing control altogether

But when you dream of flying

New opportunities are at your gate

Maybe you’ve dreamt of packing

Look for a positive change in your life

Re-evaluate to prepare for the future

Sometimes dreams are all about stairs

Climbing upward has great meaning

A good sign that success awaits you

Climbing downward say something else

Troubles are waiting and you’ll be lost

When water permeates your dream

Take note whether its calm or frothy

Smooth sailing on the clam pools

Turbulence reflects stress and pressure

If you find yourself running

Trying in vain to escape reality

You may feel alone with no goals in sight

A dream about death means guilt

Something in your past is haunting you

Or and end of something awaits you

Animal dreams are very broad

Are they wild or tame, healthy or not

Can you touch them or are you hidden

There’s so much here to say

A dream of doors can swing both ways

New opportunity or a missed chance

Indecision, protection, or a transformation

While a dream of keys can symbolize a secret

Or control over something or someone

A dream of sickness is a warning

Dreams of the moon are often enigmatic

It’s the discovery of what makes you whole

Emotional fulfillment and shifting tides

While dreaming of trash is a great reveal

Are you removing it or living in it

Taking it out means you’re getting clean

Ignoring it ties to fear, guilt, negativity and shame

Love dreams are laden with fantasy

But also, of deeper connections

Or something you wished could be

Dreaming of dreaming is a lack of attention

You are sleeping and need to awake

It’s the first step to true realization

The list continues, the interpretations too

What you believe is up to you

Why we dream is still unknown

Messenger or randomness

You decide…

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3 thoughts on “Interpretation of Dreams

  • March 28, 2022 at 6:34 PM

    Where would the poet be without their dreams? For me, dreams give me inspiration in all that I do – be it a novel, short story, or my poetry. Very well-conceived piece Ralph. You are an inspiration to me with your work.

  • March 28, 2022 at 9:30 PM

    Very well done, Ralph. I have always been intrigued with dream interpretation, so I enjoyed reading this piece.


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