Runnin’ With The Pack

Runnin’ With the Pack…

Runnin’ With The Pack

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For “Wolves”…Their Survival depends on how well they work together to achieve their goal.

A Wolf on the the Wild

Runnin’ With The Pack…

Don’t Stop…Don’t Look Back.

Prowling…on the loose for the elusive prey…

Runnin’ through the night…before it becomes the light of day.

Where does your strength come from…as you search the terrain wide and narrow…?

Growling at any Beast that tries to stop the Pack…Sharpening your teeth upon it’s marrow.

A Moment of Looking Around for the Wolf Pack

The Wolf knows he must Hunt to live…another Day…

He must guide his Pack through all the things…that will stand in the way.

The Alpha Leader knows there are Cubs at Home…depending on Him…

The Pack must stay on the Hunt…through Nights of Rain and Starlight Dim.

What Beast will they confront…and who will be the One…they have to take down…?

Run through the Night…Forage through the Forest…Listen and Track every Sound.

All your natural animal senses are astute…and highly keen…

Attack skills combined as a group…are aggressive and decisively mean…

Born to sense…that which can not be seen…

On the Run…Their Full Coat hides muscles that run lean…

Able for their jaws to snap…small Animal’s limbs off clean…

Circling around what will soon be done in…as a “Team”.

Wolf…Alpha Leader…Howling before the Bright Glaring Moon…

He will be gathered with his Pack…that He is calling…very soon.

They will scour the Land throughout the Night…

They will have a Showdown before it is through…Before the Morning Light.

With a Wild and Determined Rage…they will move in on any scent…

The Thing that will be trapped…will have had its Last Night on Earth here…spent.

Wild Wolf…Gather your Pack…and Don’t look back…

Survive the Night…Prepare the Attack!

You have a long way to go…There are many places in the Woods…You haven’t been…

You are One with the Night…Your Pack is ultimately…One with the Wind.

Run Now…to the Deepest, Darkest Part Of the Forest…As Fast as you can…

And…Stay One Step Ahead of the Planet’s Most Fiercest Hunter…”Man”.

Wild Wolf of Nature…with teeth of a Razor’s Edge…

Live how you must…and be free as Nature has pledged.

Get ready for the Day when Man crowds you in…with his own “Pack”.

Who is to be feared now…when the Land can not be given back.

Running in the Pack…All Night…Out on the Run…

Run the way…you were meant to live…”Man’s” Time to Over run…has just begun.

Can Humans say the same thing?


Published: February 17, 2022 (Note: All Pictures found on Pinterest)


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4 thoughts on “Runnin’ With The Pack

  • February 17, 2022 at 10:33 PM

    Excellent work on the rhyming and phrasing, Steve. You have expressed life of the wolf very well and chose some marvelous photos. Well done.

  • February 18, 2022 at 2:02 PM

    Humble Thanks to you, Phyllis. Appreciate you reading this one and for your comment. Glad you liked my Poetry expression of the Wolf on the Run in “Runnin’ with the Pack”!

  • February 28, 2022 at 7:37 AM

    Thank you Steve for your poem “Runnin’ with the Pack” I love to read nature poems or poems about other species and think about how all animals display certain similar behaviors. Great read thank you for sharing. Jamie

    • March 1, 2022 at 2:58 PM

      Thank you, Jamie. Appreciate you reading this one about the Wolves on the run and commenting on it. Glad to know that you like to read of animals and their behaviors. I do as well. And also for me…I like to explore nature and what I see through words. To get into the natural way of things. A chance to take your imagination into the wild! Nature is awesome. Humble Regards.


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