Barrels for You

Barrels for You…

Just a side note, I am a firm believer in everyone’s right to legally possess a firearm according to the law. I believe in the second amendment. It’s always the few that give a bad name to the many. This is for one of those people that thinks the gun makes them the bigger person….


Barrels for You

Cylinders on evil journeys

creating ravaged doors

Sinews severed in crimson seas

Those tunnelways explored


Destruction in their aftermath

A puddle filled with tears

Shiny Toys made for psychopaths

Assailing us with fear


How big a man does it make you?

That feeling of cold steel

Sentiments that have enslaved you

Killing prey for appeal


The dresser in a lacquered box

My whispers calling you

Sometimes that box is left unlocked

My whispers bleeding through


Empowerment emboldens you

And I get the best of you

Grab me off the book case, carry through

What you were going to do


Target by their ear lobe tissue

Pressure on the trigger

Now erase their opposing views

Pull the trigger quicker


Let “me” free to embolden you

Visualize when he dies

Did I do all you’re hoping to

Did life leave from his eyes?


Are you surprised, you always knew—

What you were getting into

That split moment your finger drew

Cocked back and fired true


I passed through him to a girl you knew

Single file through this dude

This time around I hit bone tissue

Bursting through in hot pursuit


Her Dress green with spots of rubicund

The deep red soaking through

Causing flaws on the fabric and

crashing her barbecue


I shattered more glass strolling through

Hollow cast and reissued

Serial scratched I spread my views

Who else could I bump into?


Seven inches about two pounds

Been in your schools and playgrounds

In your towns, and burial grounds

then never to be found


I make my rounds without permits

In some poor kid’s cockpit

Some bullied kid with a shoulder chip

His bully needs his wig split


I never ask them to commit

To the evils they submit

Sunlit pavements under outfits

Brain parts sticky like tar pits


I’m never around when they admit

To whom they tried to hit

I always hear them throwing fits

wrestling with their own wits


But nothing is evil without you

Because I’m just a gun

Your finger pulls the trigger, it’s true,

Without you, I am done


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Paul Neglia
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Paul Neglia

Proud father of 3. Part time writer of poetry and short stories. I want to paint the world in but a few words.

8 thoughts on “Barrels for You

    • December 7, 2021 at 6:34 AM

      Thank you for reading Jamie appreciate your comment.

  • December 6, 2021 at 6:32 PM

    A visual image from the perspective of a gun. Very intense and pulls the reader in to not look away till the end. Well done, Paul. I like your “side note” and agree with you.

    • December 7, 2021 at 6:38 AM

      Thank you so much Phyllis. Appreciate your comments. Gun rights are always a tough topic to discuss. I know some feel uncomfortable expressing their beliefs and I respect everyone’s opinion. But, glad you agree.

  • December 6, 2021 at 10:51 PM

    Living in Australian automatically gives one a different perspective on guns. I agree with an individuals right to carry one but believe strict guidelines need to be inforced in regard to background checks, mental health history etc. I do know however that people can often get hold of guns belonging to other family members unless strict security is in place as well.
    It is a difficult debate to get into, but your poem expresses some of the issues very well. Good job, Paul.

    • December 7, 2021 at 6:41 AM

      Yeah you Aussies have a very strict government over there. But, I agree with background checks and screenings, etc. In fact, I believe certain states have that built into their gun laws which is a step in the right direction. Definitely a difficult debate to address but one that is an important one. Thank you so much for your comments John. Appreciate them

  • December 8, 2021 at 7:47 PM

    Great Topic to write a Poem on…for sure. Right off the bat…I see you used a quote from a long time Texas Governor: Rick Perry, on your top image (I’m a Texan)! I sense an anger at what is truly Evil out there…from the gun’s perspective…in this Poem. There is destruction, injury, loss of life, innocence shattered, and the reality of everything a bullet can do …strung through out your Poem. All of which…a “Gun” is capable of…then again…So is “Man”. Got to admit…your wordage for this Poem is powerful. The Reader can discern through imagery: “what” or “who” is the most Evil… after such a Poem. “Barrels to You” (That would make a great title to a Western Movie…BTW)…is a great read on a hot topic. One that needs to have all views expressed…including from People who have had to look down a barrel of a gun, or who have had/or needed to defend their home, and People who keep their Guns securely locked away, and train others on Gun Safety, etc.

    • December 9, 2021 at 3:33 PM

      100% agree. The gun is cold steel it has no sense of good or evil that purpose is delivered through the user. A gun by itself is inanimate, the user makes it a force for either good or evil. I would love to hear all sides of the discussion when it relates to this topic. John already mentioned he feels psychological evaluations should be done prior to handing someone the ability to kill with the pull of a trigger. I agree with him wholeheartedly. There are so many arguments for and against gun owning, I tend to lean on the side of being able to own and defend myself and my property and loved ones. Steve really appreciate your comments. Thank you.

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