Effluent Waste Drainage Ditch

Effluent Waste Drainage Ditch
Effluent Waste Drainage Ditch

Effluent Waste Drainage Ditch


Daily walk upon

picturesque marshland along

effluent waste ditch.


Repetitive walk

these Haiku for modern times

solution for waste.


Five crows on a roof

where they stare down upon me

sit and bear witness.


Stop to contemplate

green effluent waste plant life

massive ditch by wall.


Swamprose Marshmallow

wild Mallow near the belly

of changing wetland.


Cardinal Flower

colorful blend recognized

as the first bloom seen.


Pickerel Weed bloom

follows a close second

upon vision’s path.


Facilitate change

the chemistry of plant life




Spartina Patens

creates patterns on marshland

moss to spacious leaf.


Seedling to full grown

Leocharis Pilustris

within each cattail.


Broadleaf Arrowhead

ancient surface area

reflected like flint.


Green Arrow Arum

carbon and heavy metals



Broken down carbon

compounds release poisons

lush Purple Loosestrife.


Mild Marsh Marigold

here a yellow flower grows

from effluent waste.


A busy lifestyle

creates the waste and yearns for

still Yellow Lotus.


Daily walk upon

picturesque marshland along

effluent waste ditch.



A fragile looking

small fragrant Water Lily

in the waste alone.


Against Button Brush

lies large decayed cardboard box



My thoughts center on

brown tip Cattail in the wind

spell silent cursive.


A rusted tin can

Spartina and Sedago

consume soft metal.


Northern Blue Flag

over waste community

near small Swallow nest.


Wren dodge in and out

so quickly in the Soft Rush

to search for a meal.


Watch Common Bone Set

find a place among the waste

among the debris.


Miles of Swamp Milkweed

sometimes interrupted by

sullen rubber tire.



Dry Desert Saltgrass

reaches away from the muck

lifts towards the sunlight.


All Arrow Arum

heavy metal and carbon



Skunk Cabbage covers

area free from wild grass

diverse living space.


Tip my hat to the sun

in presence of Royal Fern

bow to accept gift.


Present of Sweet Flag

blossoms from all wildflowers

cover the basin.


Five crows on a ledge

each one stares down upon me

stare and bear witness.


Return to my walk

write haiku for modern times

find waste solutions.


Daily walk upon

picturesque marshland along

effluent waste ditch.

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