Can You Imagine

Can You Imagine …

Can you imagine?

Autumns without colored leaves
or winters with no snow,
springs with no colorful flowers,
summers without sunshine
and butterflies,
rainy days without daydreams
and rainbows afterwards.

Can you imagine?

Life without love,
days without joy –
just drifting away.

We must take life,
as it comes,
to rejoice in all we see,
in all we do,
life was meant to be –
lived to the fullest.
To dance in the rain,
to take a friend by the hand
and go running and shrieking,
along with the wind.
Finding a reason to smile,
each and every day,
finding a way,
to make our time worthwhile,
to spread our arms like wings
and fly through the skies.
Daring to dream dreams,
that make our hearts soar,
so if you can’t image,
life without the usual things,
that we take for granted,
each and every day,
let’s start to treasure,
all the days of our lives,
shake off the tears and fears
and not worry about tomorrow
or the coming years.
For we must never forget,
that today is the yesterday we feared,
losing hope perhaps on a gray day,
that now has long gone away.
Perhaps be like the waves in the ocean,
forever lapping against foreign shores,
embracing what is given
and finding new hope and joy,
Think of what it must be like,
high above from a bird’s eye view,
seeing the world down below,
always shiny and new.
Treasure all the memories,
we gather along the way,
when gray days bring sadness,
take those memories,
unwrap them in your mind,
like presents in shiny paper,
delight in what you find,
delight in the beauty of nature
and always wear a great big smile.


For more works by Rasma Raisters, check out her author page.

Rasma also writes lovely poems on HubPages under the pen name of Gypsy Rose Lee. You can read more of her works at Rasma on HubPages.

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Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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