A Collection of Daily Motivations

A Collection of Daily Motivations
A Collection of Daily Motivations

A Collection of Daily Motivations


Remember that love

resembles your love of self

you can only love others

as much as you love

the person you are right now

or the person you become.


Something important:

Consequence is not the cause

usually what causes strife

always stays hidden

just beneath the hurt and strain

felt due to a consequence.


Don’t suppress desire

moderation is the key

we need a little passion

to push our buttons

to lead us into action

to embrace a needed change.


Here is where there is a turn

to head into closing times

times when our lives seemed shuttered

closed away alone

use this time to heal yourself

understand the things you’ve lost.



Dreams do not come true

a deeper motivation

simple desire alone

power factory

The Faith The Belief is all

you need to put in the work.


Please be who you are

not what your labels make you

we are individuals

there are no labels

to define any of us

all incredibly unique.


Daily reminder:

An affirmation of life

curiosity to teach

things I wish I knew

always continue to learn

whether we know it or not.


No need for hating

jealousy drama

will spread like a foul cancer

put your energy

into work necessary

to almost touch cloud of dreams.



Share some gratitude

every time feel blessed

gratitude for flower blooming

one moment of rest

thankful every time you dine

upon the fruits of the vine.


Rise above your fears

work to create your own world

a place full of what makes you tick

the supplies are there

replace fear of being hurt

with knowledge on staying safe.


Create your way out

break this prison’s chains through art

let color be your escape

try to bake a cake

feel turn of pottery wheel

travel to find perfect pic.


Find a time to play

a quick dance through the pressure

funny face followed by laugh

no matter how bad

a semi-smile out of frown

provides seconds of freedom.


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