An Evening at the Roller Kingdom

An Evening at the Roller Kingdom
An Evening at the Roller Kingdom

An Evening at the Roller Kingdom


On wild carpet we wait for open rink

where son will make a quiet lady laugh

who waits patiently to choreograph

a pirouette on skates with side eye wink.

A young boy waits for window to open

allowing him to pay his last dollar

away from feeling ten o’clock scholar

to skate and play a newly found token.

This week our trials and tribulations soared

and led us to this broken arcade game

a multi-colored laser disco ball.

A Bruno Mars song through large speakers roared

and for a moment fantasize our fame

while concentrating will so not to fall.


This downtown Roller Kingdom where the young

will spend their time instead of staying home

a collection of kids ready to roam

to dance on roller skates while ABBA sung.

A greying man in sweats tries twirling fast

and completes spin with a successful smile

then looks to find a witness on the mile

under yellow moon he replays his past.

Where you think in a four beat, maybe five,

a Grandma who skates as a profession

still takes her grand daughter to local rink

with new Mickey Mouse roller skates at five.

Grandma wears her sequins as confession

comes skating passed to give grand kids wink.


Some skaters wear costumes by “Libby”

with ex Olympic Figure Skating style

or older skaters who still wear argyle

in rink located within their city.

A Roller Derby Girl wears skates with skulls

with skulls and crossbones wearing pink ribbon

when playing Derby she becomes villain

but tonight she is showing off her skills.

A teenage boy with pony tail will glide

with grace between these individuals

to concentrate on where his feet must go.

Some quiet dancers move their hips like tide

and keep the beat through practiced rituals

as they escape into a calming glow.


Such a quick ride through tunnel to Tamil

which felt like escape from our daily home

a chance for family to breathe and roam

to skate at Kingdom we will have our fill.

The sequins on her costume will reflect

the multi-colored lighting from the ball

and shadows from the dance begin to fall

even the younger skaters feel effect.

After they close they head to ice cream shop

the shop around the corner called “Friendly’s”

that stays open so they can stay out late.

Where Grandma enjoys a Grape soda pop

each grand daughter enjoys ice cream Sundaes’

and share “Friendly’s” French Fries upon a plate.

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