A Walk in May 2021

A Walk in May 2021
A Walk in May 2021

A Walk in May 2021


Pietra Willow

above pungent Lavender

random bulb blossom


For the bees nectar

Toads during a wet season

a far Cicada


Sudden rain shower

where some of April remains

a stem holds droplet


White Dogwood provides

this bloom in this walk in May



Succulents flower

near the shade of rock pillar

where greener plants live


Similar songbird

is that a different song

from another nest?


A colorful time

of walks in perfect weather

such beauty in change



Arrive on light breeze

felt amongst a thin May shade

enhanced by each leaf


New ecosystems

for these displaced desert birds

be responsible


Examine the shade

or where the shade fights with day

before heading home


Baby Maple leaf

size of the tip of my thumb

green child gathering


Tiny yellow bloom

hide in Magnolia shade

from cover of eye


Beautiful minute

when a bee collects pollen

at our fingertips


Wren nests along roof

they found food under awning

their own Stucco home



What once was bare branch

carries a full thick green coat

buds open adults


High desert daytime

filled with beautiful transplant

yard for each owner


Stare from a rock seat

upon separate valleys

one left and one right


A lone White Pine Birch

maturity reaching sky

shades some potted plants


Below Grape Holly

ants begin move under rock

a small black beetle


Carefully observe

to see the difference in small

worlds made for giants


A Bluebird visits

takes a break from its busy

to walk where I walk




bubble of May memory

begin to blossom


The desert is gone

only empty lots remain

a few homes not built


Most of the morning

spent walking through Hight Desert

today in mid May


Peridot Lilac

provides light purple pallet

near orange Daisy


Apache Plum sways

a light cotton caught in air

arid paradox


This old yet new May

tread on some footprints on path

new thoughts old routine


Surround my May thoughts

with these names for landscaping

corresponding green

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