In Search of Fungus

In Search of Fungus
In Search of Fungus

In Search of Fungus

(To Samuel)


The tangled tree of life where Fungus sit

National Audubon Society

Field Guide to Mushrooms so that we can see

which mushroom decides to display its wit.

Under your feet a vein of hyphae grew

a city Fungus made under the soil

where cap of mushroom pushes with some toil

to search for nutrients in compost stew.

One of the early species in the soup

where slime molds still behave like primal ooze

to beautifully colored red capped mushrooms.

Always a joy to find on hike through loop

to sight a spot where mold and tree will fuze

a symbiotic growth within tree wombs.


A dream fortress of dead forestation

where loose spores germinate the Fifth Kingdom

children hyphenate towards fungal wisdom

when youth begin detritus digestion.

A communal growth for Mycocytes

even more when Fungus Saphrophylic

to make soil much more Carboxylic

a family grounded through centuries.

Seldom we see a patch of “Wolf’s Milk Slime”

always disgust from Caca de Luna

so gross this slime within mythology.

Your path made slippery time after time

with mushrooms diced by your Mezzaluna

as we dip inside some Mycology.


Yesterday an Almond Portabello

lay steamed across freshly cleaned crockery

hint of flavor leaning towards Chokecherry

or Black Poplar under “Priopinno.”

On Blue Ridge near the children of the wood

a Fistulina grows near dying log

each Polypore at home in this peat bog

a Glowing Panellus in neighborhood.

Your Velvet Footed King Strapharia

present on sights when roaming Oregon

along the coast we read our literature.

Seen in Naturalis Historia

also along the coast of Washington

this species strives within a strict structure.


Some Fungus dribble lilac and purple

or orange like Hallow Eve Jack-O-Lantern

that glows like radiant rings of Saturn

with name like “Puffball” or “Giant Morel.”

The term “Mushroom” is applied to Fungi

with stem with cap and gills under the cap

where tender infant ferns will soon unwrap

and older fern has bent over to die.

Fungi do not need photosynthesis

their growth is means to their mobility

while excreting their digestive enzymes.

On forest floor without no witnesses

a foreign force to our humanity

yet share a planet through our differences.

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4 thoughts on “In Search of Fungus

  • March 6, 2021 at 10:14 PM

    I am impressed by your research here Jamie. A well-written and enjoyable poem.

  • March 21, 2021 at 12:55 PM

    Really enjoyed this, Jamie. Wonderful memories of the woods in Latvia and mushrooms spriningin up everywhere.

  • April 9, 2021 at 11:26 PM

    Well researched and great phrasing, Jamie. I love cooking with mushrooms. Seeing mushrooms in nature always makes me think some little faeries are around. A pleasure to read.


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