The Science of Snow

The Science of Snow
The Science of Snow

The Science of Snow


All about this snow

fallen peacefully outside

evenly distributed

on what used to be a lawn.



ice crystals uncomfortably close

ice packaged tightly

a day riding subway trains

workdays on city sidewalks.


Snow pack determines

color, temperature, water

as weather changes

snowpack takes on different roles

how one judges it differs.


Deep snow a filter

absorbs more than one color

deep snow holds red light

often reflecting blue tint

seen on the snow to our eye.


Uniformly white

visible light off the ice

reflecting sunlight

how much is called albedo

albedo of clean pure snow.



Foot of glacier snow

reflects pink upon us

Watermelon snow

caused by algae living there

among the packed ice crystals.


Collected iron

makes glacier snow red as blood

drops of melting ice

frozen dust will make snow brown

brown hand with a bleeding wound.


Snow absorbs all sound

dampens all city noises

sound of crying child

road construction, honking horns

or couples fighting next door.


Soon the only sound

compression of ice crystals

underneath our boots

as the ice gathers resistance

hear only the crunch and creak.


Hibernate in snow

a sound free peaceful lodging

animals burrow

amongst the air trapped in snow

that holds their heat all winter.


A wintry home

where heat is stored in the ground

an insulation

placed gently by winter’s hand

blankets wrap the life of spring.


Melted ice crystals

provide much needed water

to the roots of tree

waterfalls that lead to pools

where animals wake to drink.


Crystal clear water

offered to our thirsty lips

life’s affirmation

held within silent snowpack

peacefully waiting for melt.


The colder things seem

a cold that seeps into bones

freezes our warm blood

a cold that alters our heart

makes it hard to see the world.


Will bring snow fall

a snowpack of purest white

to return our faith

absorb lights reflected white

dampen all sounds of despair.

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