A Variety of Houseplants

Variety of Houseplants
A Variety of Houseplants

A Variety of Houseplants

I. Houseplants

The young of crawling Spider Plant envy

of a family who tries to propagate

they seem to grow at an alarming rate

or so we decide over some hot tea.

These potted plants they have their indoor use

with fertilizer and well balanced soil

a little water and a little toil

they will ignore the slightest of abuse.

These leaves are dusted periodically

to ensure Stoma opens wide a mouth

to gather up the excess from my breath.

Provide my air photosynthetically

and from the North window and from the South

while I continue reading some Macbeth.

II. Mother-In-Law Tongue

Common dream of flowering foliage

a sudden vision of Chrysanthemum

whose colors are much needed pabulum

for soul who searches for beauties knowledge.

The green of leaf in pinched contrast to bud

of bright flowering succulent nearby

the tenderness of Orchid makes me cry

a Southern Exposure flowing through blood.

Some flower and move on to compost pile

while others hold their color all year round

to wonder while the Pineapple starts bloom.

While others share only once and awhile

up to the ceiling and down to the ground

to add some color to one low lit room.

III. Elephant Foot Palm

A Mother-In-Law Tongue from Africa

where Fall leaves grow in closed shadowed corners

as if to flower for silent mourners

brilliant colors darkness anathema.

Some of the plants will live and some will die

with proper care this home will save but half

what variety shapes this lithograph

yet not all blooms will make it to the sky.

The swollen base of Elephant Foot Palm

where from the Caudex sprouts wild foliage

that sit silently within these clay pots.

Where African Mother-In-Law stays calm

this medicine is a measured dosage

a lone Zanzibar gem is casting lots.

IV. Thanksgiving Cactus

Under the trance of mellow classical

where plants who tolerate low light connect

to create massive step ladder effect,

greenery, autobiographical.

To pause and gently hold a leaf in hand

and check the soil to make sure it is moist

so the tethers of light begin to hoist

to sun this path so intricately planned.

Today is day of Thanksgiving cactus

all prayers will lean towards this succulent care

to those who live too close to earth to see.

As paramour I seem out of practice

in corners hidden behind flashy fare

it seems these houseplants mean much more to me.

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