An Autumn Sonata

An Autumn Sonata
An Autumn Sonata

An Autumn Sonata


Here we go again

a sudden change of weather

break from summer heat


Learn to laugh again

to jump in a pile of leaves

savor autumn joy


Maybe fall in love

with the silence of Autumn

the still in the air


Some trees hold tightly

to the green leaf in the past

refuse season’s change


Now all leaves fallen

from the one orange in the green

to absence of green


Snow will be here soon

friends will gather one more time

before the first storm


Through an abrupt chill

preparations for winter

found in browns and reds


Too quickly a change

to ponder the exact time

all of this occurred


An Autumn Sonata
An Autumn Sonata



Time to find balance

among colorful raked leaves

displaced by the wind


Time to pull the rake

time to pile what once was green

jump into once was


Here with hot coffee

watch steam rise into the air

like these Autumn thoughts


A seasonal sound

strum of Autumn sonata

tradition of peace


Embrace changing time

hold tight orange and yellow

harvest something new


To reach Autumn years

to touch the bright Autumn moon

a falling of leaf


Allow us a place

experience early Fall

notes of perfection


Soon to bag these leaves

clean up before winter snow

our hibernation

An Autumn Sonata
An Autumn Sonata



Hike through the crisp air

early morning when leaves fall

see your breath again


Morning brings new frost

dew hidden from the summer

dances Autumn dance


Forgotten bare limbs

show themselves to us once more

tighten our jackets


Pulling up mittens

do we search for perfection

in the evergreen?


My heart skips a beat

in these branches who stand bare

fragile before me


Hot Acorn Squash Soup

warms these quickly cooling days

fall colors arrive


This time of center

of pine cone centerpiece

early morning walks


Contemplate the change

through the way we sense the world

as the leaves crumble


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