A Thanksgiving at “Swan Lake Nature Observatory” 2020

A Thanksgiving at "Swan Lake Nature Observatory" November 2020
A Thanksgiving at “Swan Lake Nature Observatory” November 2020

A Thanksgiving at “Swan Lake Nature Observatory”

November 2020


So thankful of the times me and my dog

would roam around in muck of swampy lake

a chance to play in mud for playing sake

to walk out in the early morning fog.

So thankful when the birds lift up in flight

their wings upon a panoramic view

upon the brightness of the morning dew

the contrast of these wings upon my sight.

A seasonal reminder of repeat

every Autumn  I search for gratitude

around the shore of every local lake.

This year I walk without a dog to greet

my solemn thankful change in attitude

prepare a time,  in life, of give and take.


As I stand behind warehouse I give thanks

to the lake and the valley in my view

where Heron stands alone within the blue

some smaller songbirds feed on muddy banks.

Within the Fall underbrush near my height

I peer alone into a cloudless sky

avoiding muck not even asking why

I walk through swampy land as if my right.

This Fall I carry with me so much thanks.

I am thankful that I hold an income

so thankful I am able to provide.

I try to keep away from season’s pranks

by observing this animal kingdom

and riding upon natural tide.


So thankful for this tall and sturdy reed

that stands before me as I tread a path

where down below a Loon enjoys a bath

and Cattails open to release their seed.

It seems as days grow colder coffee warms

my hands and heart as I inspect the mud

I notice how my shoes collect the crud

to contemplate how one survives such storms.

So thankful to relive these moments here

the peace and calm I find upon the trail

alone and happy with my state of mind.

As step by step I walk away the fear

with thankful heart I know I will not fail

to understand the quiet I will find.

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