Memory of Halloween Past

Memory of Halloween Past
Memory of Halloween Past

Memory of Halloween Past

A.)  Ode to Night of Fright

Some literary figures use sonnet

to share with world the love of another

a soulmate or the love of their mother

a metaphoric act of love to net.

Within this sonnet hides a different love

a love of an October holiday

when we wear costumes and decide to play

and give the other Holiday’s a shove.

This mischievous night of the year

when we embrace the creepy side of night

invite the ghosts and monsters to our home.

A night when we accept the fact we fear

that every bat will conjure hidden fright

in neighborhoods were Werewolves might just roam.


B.) A Sweet Scare

This year the children seem a bit confused

we might recycle costumes from before

a Werewolf Hannah loved with all its gore

a Power Ranger’s suit hardly used.

This year we find we’d like to bake more cake

we miss the cake walk at Halloween Ball

when wearing warm costumes to bring in Fall

to place a ghost upon the end of rake.

The evenings masked marauders knock at door

a hallowed night for those that love the sweet

or watching scary movies for the fright.

To prepare pillowcases for a score

of candy from the neighbors as they greet

ghoulish pranksters prowling Halloween night.

C.  Ghoulish Pranksters

So many generations at the door

our Grandma smiles at every small Werewolf

a night when our community is safe

as we catch up on Wizards and their lore.

A night when we will overcome our fears

and face the moonlight with our bravery

a chance to horde a years worth of candy

on Halloween we will not allow tears.

So maybe we can gather as a whole

and stop our fighting for a day or two

to hand out candy to our neighbors child.

Then keep an eye out for an empty bowl

and let each kid know they can take a few

to take a night and feel a little wild.ㅤ

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