A Collection of Poems on Skiing

A Collection of Poems on Skiing
A Collection of Poems on Skiing

A Collection of Poems on Skiing


Hitting the Slopes

Into the mountains on the first snowfall
my father would share winter mountain strength
with gloved hands we’d ski the trails length
on our waxed skis we would stand up tall.
These were the days my father shared his smile.
These were the days my father spared the rod
our mountain church where we would glimpse at God
I think my dad was proud, just for awhile.
My son and I also take this journey
into the mountains at first sign of snow
to ski awhile even if just to play.
Each turn in the snow its own symphony
the smile on his face is wide and aglow
hoping that his child will be here someday.


In these Decembers
we remember when days changed
along with the snow

smells of cinnamon
and pine trees in the wind
the joy of your laugh

A Collection of Poems on Skiing
A Collection of Poems on Skiing


Alpine Skiing Limericks

Riding on chair lift I hold tight
having some fear of such great height
but nothing can compare
to the chill mountain air
view from the top is always a sight.

With wind on your face, you feel free
to flail and fall where people can see
there’s a chance your not hurt
and with fate you will flirt
to speed to the lodge, you have to pee!

So break out my ski and my boot
early in the morning I recruit
and out into the snow
our family will go
a day on the slopes is always a hoot.

Drink Hot Chocolate out by the snowplow
tend to our wounds, every ouch and ow,
to remember each turn
next time we will learn
for now let’s go home for some chow.

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