The Sick Boy

The Sick Boy
The Sick Boy

The Sick Boy


After work Thursday

a fever took hold of my

son who is sick often

but he was clammy

not able to open his eyes

he remained curled in blanket


My kids get the flu

every year in flu season

I’ll need a day off or two

make household healthy

again and ready for school

some family bonding time


My work is aware

of this time in the season

they would also be prepared

days of chicken soup

anyone with children knows

this is part of the routine


Our Friday morning

followed a different routine

one I am not used to yet

so much parenting

a loving repetitive

internalized reaction




I masked up the kids

headed to our testing site

I left my daughter in charge

of seven year old

my teenager and I marched

a new antiseptic world


Heading to the pool

the plan prior to sickness

the healthy ones are upset

but ready to help

as I move my son to clinic

where we wait for our test swab


This takes on new form

anxiety and routine

though faithful I am worried

I inventory

a contact list in my head

start the communication


Complicated times

call this an isolation

but we are more connected

now more then ever

with even small act like ours

such tangled consequences



Employer may lose grip

of an uncertain market

a sick day could mean their loss

especially when

one sick day can lead to more

then ten days of quarantine


A little more thought

needs to be made these days

when dealing with what was once

our second nature

with the same goal every time

safety for my family


My story ends well

my son recovers from flu

our test results are negative

my job welcomes me

the house still stands on firm ground

this was only passing fear


For some sickness comes

to fill their lives with fearful

sudden doubt and confusion

my family holds on

we are grateful and lucky

need to share our love and health

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