After School Special: Some Light Verse On School

Some Light Verse On School

After School Special

Some Light Verse On School



Limerick for Daughters First Day of School


So when I try to ask my daughter

what information classes taught her

and instead of something

I always get “nothing”

I have to fish out every answer.


Even if in her lunchbox that we send

a sweet treat for her sweet tooth to tend

there is no bribery

for this school mystery

all I will ever get is a “friends.”


She always give me her cutest smiles

the kind of smile that goes miles and miles

“I play with all my friends.”

The only thing she lends

from her very secretive school files.


At least I know that she is happy

by her every action I can see

she is in love with school

her teachers always cool

when she needs to she will share with me.




School Haiku


Pine cones release seed

will float upon each light breeze

a destination


Someday germinate

knowledge for a greater life

blessings habitat


As new seeds soon float

yet another destiny

I will wave goodbye


as new forest grows

an evergreen family

each tree diverse branch


The ground is learning

with the sun and with the moon

not still but moving




First Grade Limerick for Boys


The first one on these seats to be seen

by the driver who hollers so mean

what we think is funny

she will think is crummy

there our boogers are seen brilliant green.


Before class us boys on the playground

in a circle have gathered around

to impress all the girls

with their straight hair and curls

we all take turns making farting sound.


We all hurry to class at the bell

to hear what the teacher has to tell

we learn science and math

to follow the right path

and determine who made that bad smell.


Soon it will be time for our recess

releasing our energy in excess

boys and girls will both run

enjoying heat of sun

from our education we digress.


Soon we will return back from our breaks

to sit in our chairs for learning sakes

it is hard to sit still

before the schools last bell

we laugh at the belch Warren’s mouth makes.


On way back home driver keeps an eye

but we are all too tired too try

we just want to go home

to just sit there and zone

as we watch cartoon Superman fly.




Limerick for Ol’ High School Friends


My friend Chad has a daughter I’ve heard

I am happy I’ve heard that’s occurred

back in the days of school

we were never quite cool

not so much jocks but probably nerds.


So most of us are married with kids

some have jobs, some have life on the skids

but all of us will know

that we saw ourselves grow

in small town High School off the grids.


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