Bigfoot, Popelick Monster, and Dead Lover: From Spinner’s Tales

Bigfoot, Popelick Monster, and Dead Lover …

Bigfoot, Popelick Monster, and Dead Lover
Elusive neighbor.


It seems that Bigfoot is not particular about the locales he inhabits. At one time, many years ago, sightings and news of Bigfoot were just up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, at least that is what I thought. In fact, I grew up with Bigfoot as an elusive neighbor. Apparently, Bigfoot can be and has been, spotted just about anywhere in or near densely wooded areas across the country.

We lived out west in Washington state not far from the Canadian border. It is a wonderful place for camping from beautiful pristine forests and mountains all the way to the coast on sandy or rocky beaches. With seven kids, the cheapest way for Dad and Mom to spend quality family time was to take us camping and it was the most fun for us kids. We did have some restrictions though. For us older kids, we had to stay within shouting distance and the little ones had to stay in camp and in sight. Dad always had his rifles and kept them close by him.

We knew some places up in the mountains there might be bears or cougars roaming around, so we carried our jackknives with us. As if that would protect us from any bear or cougar, but it made us feel safe and powerful. But, there was something more dangerous that Dad would hint about, something mysterious. I remember Dad would say things like, “If there is a bad, foul smell in the area, get back to camp fast as you can.” Or, “If you hear loud sounds like tree branches breaking, run like hell back here, shouting all the way.”

One time we decided to test Dad, to see what he would do if we shouted real loud. Well, it did not take Dad long to get to us with a rifle loaded and his bowie knife strapped to his belt. He asked us what was wrong and eldest brother said, “There is a really bad smell over there.” Dad told us to run back to camp and get in the tent with Mother and the little ones. We did just that and sat in the huge heavy canvas tent while Mom sat near the zipped door flap with a rifle. It was stifling hot in there, but we were told not to move or make any noise.

Afore long, Dad came back and let us all out. He was madder than a raging bull. “A really bad smell, huh? The only thing that smelled in that spot you pointed to was where you all dug a hole for your bathroom business!” Actually, he did not use such polite language. I believe we all would have been skinned alive if Mom had not started laughing uncontrollably which broke Dad’s anger enough to forgive us with a mild warning. “Don’t ever fool your poor Daddy like that again or you’ll stay inside this tent the rest of the week!”

Little did we know at the time that what Dad was cautious of was any sign of Bigfoot, sometimes called Sasquatch. Bigfoot has a really foul odor that lingers wherever he has been. He likes to break big branches off trees and pound the trees with them just to scare people away from his territory. He is extremely strong and huge. Sightings have been told about a creature seven to ten feet tall, covered in dark fur and looking like a gorilla, but walks upright like a man swinging its long arms.

There has also been talk of a Bigfoot vanishing into thin air when being chased by hunters. It is believed by some folks that Bigfoot is of extraterrestrial nature and can pass through a portal to come and go as it pleases.




Old Alton Bridge


Haunted Kentucky abounds with stories of ghosts, monsters, Bigfoot, and such things as Goatman. It is one of the most haunted places in America. In the Fisherville neighborhood of Louisville, there is an old trestle bridge that spans Pope Lick Creek. There is a goat-man that lives beneath the bridge, he is called the Pope Lick Monster.

This creature has the head of a goat with horns, the arms and body of a man, and goat legs. Somehow, by hypnosis or telepathy, the goatman lures hikers onto the bridge just before a train is coming. If the person is lucky, he or she can get off the tracks and drop down to the trestle underneath, but often they are hit by the train or miss the trestle and fall to their death.

A lot of teenagers have gone out there to see if the tales are true and to catch sight of Goatman. Unfortunately, a lot of teenagers have met their death there.

There are tales of a goatman in Kentucky, Maryland, Texas, and a few other places. The one in Texas is popularly believed to inhabit the forest surrounding the area of Old Alton Bridge. Locals warn that if you crossed the bridge at night without headlights, you will be met on the other side by the Goatman who carries a big, bloody ax. Ghostly figures and strange lights are said to appear in the surrounding woods, as well as reports of visitors being touched, grabbed, and having rocks thrown at them. This legend results in the area around Old Alton Bridge being popular among paranormal investigators.



Dead Lover …

Dr. Tanzler

Carl Tanzler had an obsession with a beautiful Cuban-American woman whom he treated for tuberculosis. The patient, Elena Milagro de Hoyos, died from the disease, but Carl’s obsession never died.

Two years after her death, Carl broke open Elena’s casket and took her remains home with him where he kept her in his bed.

Dr. Tanzler kept the corpse of Maria Elena for seven years in his home. He stuffed the body with silk fabric to retain the shape she once had. He replaced her decomposed skin with silk soaked in wax and ‘plaster of paris’. He used piano wire to keep her bones connected and in place. Though it was a corpse, Carl was just as much in love with her as ever and had a blissful relationship with his dead lover.

Love can conquer even death – and make one do strange things. Though not reported contemporaneously, research (most notably by authors Harrison and Swicegood) has revealed evidence of Tanzler’s necrophilia with Elena’s corpse. Well, enough said about that!

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  • July 15, 2020 at 9:02 AM

    I love it! I enjoyed the Dr. Tanzler tale! So dark and twisted and wonderful. Great read and a needed break from the craziness. I hope you are well my friend. Jamie

    • July 23, 2020 at 9:31 AM

      Thanks, John. Yes, Tanzler was quite creepy. There is a lot more detail about his “relationship” with the dead corpse, but I did not want to go into that. Thanks again.

  • July 25, 2020 at 9:57 AM

    I’ll stick with the group here. The Dr. Tanzler’s tale is super creepy. The details in his story were crazy and disgusting. Interesting stuff there Phyllis.

  • February 4, 2022 at 9:10 AM

    Love the Bigfoot story! I bet the father was mad but no doubt understood. His anger probably came from the built up fear for his children, which had to be diffused somehow! I was laughing with the mother.
    I love finding out about things like this, though the last one was definitely creepy – ugh!

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