An Ode To Summer Camping

Summer camping
Dust off camping gear…

An Ode To Summer Camping


Dust off camping gear

take control of all tent stakes

ensure all tears are mended

a time to prepare

to layout all equipment

investigate fiberglass


Pull out hidden bins

where shovel placed with lantern

and poncho sits with propane

thick yellow ponchos

industrial grade protection

a few select pots and pans


Some tents are beyond

repair and are tossed away

with the broken fiberglass

tightly rolled Down bags

to keep us warm on our cots

tents enough for a small town.


This camping season

with morning preparations

maybe more than public lands

shared on our weekends

our survivalist efforts

maybe a payoff this year




While Dad and Son team

tackle tying down all gear

while the younger boys play swords

and their yellow lab

barks at the commotion

a neighbor jogs by and waves


Cheaper to take the kids

camping, my Dad used to say

we prepared for long weekends

when only a week

away to a wooded lake

where parents could read awhile


Fingers on nylon

when the morning dew makes drops

of breath hold still in the air

look over for a second

pull the bag over you ears

get up and make coffee soon


Sunrise over plains

while setting up camping stove

seems safe in this empty grove

let everyone sleep

as food is prepared in breeze

travelled through so many trees




Use camping showers

hope there are no peaking bears

your towel air dries on the line

above the shadows

of the Black Rock Mountains

some days no trees to be found


One day we may camp

more often within the week

when days are not filled with jobs

performed for others

when our survival is key

thoughts upon our daily breath


The kids will still play

freely near every tent

their imaginary worlds

the parents will nest

between cleaning our breakfast

and preparing the next meal


I gather our gear

for now while I organize

necessary equipment

packed neatly and tight

for the moment we will stay

to see what tomorrow brings

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