A Collection of Children’s Bath Toys

Bath Toys
Miniature rubber ducks placed in a line…

A Collection of Children’s Bath Toys


No bath without toys

my son always takes a stand

he needs to make sure

miniature rubber ducks

placed in a line before him.


The water stays hot

with Pikachu on a boat

the Black Panther swims

through the frothy waves of bath

bubbles where all toys backstroke.


Where Tanka trucks sink

large plastic dinosaurs roam

come up from a wave

for another destructive day

of tail swinging Tokyo.


One lone figurine

looks as if from Game of Thrones

where did that come from?

Little too adult for play

yet my son plays anyway.


A Minecraft creeper

sits upon the porcelain

is today the day

it introduces itself

with a deadly explosion.





the power behind these toys

a larger story

within the drama of waves

rising in the bubble bath.


A rain cloud with arms

and legs and a silly face

takes hold of the helm

to lead his boat to safety

through shark-infested waters.


A surreal white duck

whose creator painted third eye

a strange toy indeed

but fits into the Greek Myth

outlined next to bar of soap.


Make time for a soak

and to manufacture fleet

set out onto sea

released from where they were docked

vessels from our bygone days.


Before perfect storm

leaves a wake of destruction

over bathroom floor

“Don’t forget to wash,”  I say

from where I sit with book.



As Adult interest

in bath toys seem to lessen

maybe the Army

trained me to wash myself quick

importance of discipline.


“In and out,”  I say

a good life philosophy

hold on while you can

the pleasure of five minute

showers every morning.


My son needs his ducks

or she refuses to clean

his stern stubbornness

and once he gets in he’s in

for many hours if he can.


In there a lesson

here to be taught by my child

importance of play

when it comes to our strict lives

the stress required every day.


Yet, do I listen?

No, I grumble about waste

of important time

put your toys where they belong

put energy into chores.

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One thought on “A Collection of Children’s Bath Toys

  • July 20, 2020 at 5:31 PM

    My son also loved his bath time, taking many imaginary journeys with his toy boats as the little ducks followed along. Love your verse, Jamie.


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