My Used “Better Homes and Gardens” Cookbook

Better Homes and Gardnes
Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook

A Used “Better Homes and Gardens” Cookbook

I. A Well Used Cookbook

I found myself with large Zucchini squash

in basket along with onion and chive

dried Thyme and Parsley with bitter Endive

some apples for a pie after a wash.

At home I have an old ham hock frozen

to throw in pot with split peas for a soup

when yeast bubbles, roll sourdough for group,

some homemade bread and soup to create zen.

To sit and hold hands in prayer to dine

around the table with our humble feast

this world of food is where we live right now

with thoughts of God and odors of divine,

find time to waft from bowl, our napkins creased

with spoons in hand laugh as we eat our chow.

II.  A Home Cookbook

The joy of plans I have for cloved garlic,

ones roasted smell will linger near our nose,

as sweet a smell as Honeysuckle Rose

to tease our tongue with savory frolic.

I shred some chicken from barbeque

a moment when a pickle sounds so nice

next to some Cajun red beans with some rice

a delicacy made for just a few.

Sometimes these dinner smells bring back the room

of sons when they were little, my small boys,

and daughter snuggled in her Mommie’s arm.

A tear falls from my eye as we consume

a feeling that I’ve lost a certain joy

we tried so hard to live off humble farm.

III.  A Garden Cookbook

As bittersweet as sage leaf in the stew

to melt some butter for a quick saute

while pouring Sun Tea, brewing up Latte,

remembering these tastes as children grew.

Some fragrant herbal virgin olive oil

to bring the flavor out in hearty dish

each meal a time to fulfill single wish

to forget pain in feet from daily toil.

Even though cook for smaller crowd these days

the purpose of the act remains the same

to gather up and feed the ones I love.

Today some sadness falls upon my glaze

and slightly beaten I still fan the flame

while removing roast with an oven glove.

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3 thoughts on “My Used “Better Homes and Gardens” Cookbook

  • June 22, 2020 at 10:58 PM

    Cookbooks eventually become a book of memories, some happy and some sad, which your work here portrays in great word-crafting, Jamie. Well done, my friend.

    • June 28, 2020 at 10:05 AM

      Lovely phrasing here Jamie. I know for a fact that when my mother in law passes on, and we go to cook her lasagna or stew dish it’s going to hit my wife like a ton of bricks. The Home Cookbook really hit home for me. Nice work


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