Birds From Swan Lake Sanctuary

Birds From Sanctuary
Birds From Sanctuary

Birds From Swan Lake Sanctuary


Yesterday I walked to boarded warehouse,

a modern building taking several blocks,

on walking trail around some massive rocks

to keep out workers and some desert grouse.

A sign is posted on the fence near the path,

this sign a Governor’s warning of germs,

now only spirits roam on their own terms

and me on trail ignoring absence wrath.

The first few steps I fall upon a bench

where younger tree has held on through the heat

and ponder over whispers of silence.

I look at bolt on fence that needs a wrench

and stare at Concertina wire from seat

to see my world unfold into nonsense.


This trail takes me around a massive bend,

lie empty dilapidated trailers,

silent reminders of my life’s failures,

with broken foundations too hard to mend.

In contrast construction of duplex home

is being built rapidly near the scene

their growth tied into some harmonic mean

each one will rise as if a golden dome.

I notice all the land is zoned to build

new neighborhoods are drawn out with pavement,

the east side duplex, west sits two-story.

Each nook and cranny here is all but filled

just waiting for a landlord to charge rent,

these idle lives that hold onto glory.


A blackbird follows me along the route

I stop to see if bird is here for me

and yes it perched along the nearest tree

its look as if predicted newest drought.

Around the bend I find a grove of Pine

they seem so random here in desert Sage

each tree it seems has reached a middle age

with perfect social distance they’ll be fine.

The blackbird perches on wooden pole

to peer in my direction one more time

before it flies off into bluish sky.

Somewhere upon this path I find my soul

to look upon this small incline to climb

with hands in pocket try to think of why.


This bird from sanctuary at Swan Lake

instead of moving into field of brush

now uses flood plain built around the rush,

within the cattails all the nests to make.

I stand in awe above this mass of birds

along with the American Wigeon,

a seagull and occasional Pigeon,

I did not expect sudden loss of words.

Somewhere among the Sparrow and the Tern

a home for both the Wood Duck and Goldfinch

and silently an Eagle flies above.

Though some have never left and some return

they all will fly away within a pinch

when I walk by as quiet as a Dove.

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2 thoughts on “Birds From Swan Lake Sanctuary

  • June 29, 2020 at 9:03 PM

    Thank you for letting me come along on your walk, Jamie. To see so many birds, different ones, is wonderful. Great phrasing and imagery provided for an enjoyable read. Well done, my friend.


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