Seekers of the Truth, Stand Bravely!

Seekers of the Truth


Seekers of the Truth, stand bravely! For they create a land of need.
They wield the whip of poverty, and promote the growth of Greed.
The millionaires are singing to the beating of the drums,
See the building of their mansions, and the spreading of the slums.

Roll a wave of battle music from the east unto the west,
’Till it finds the homeless veteran, ‘till it fires his lowly breast.
Fight the politicians’ cruelty! Claim the rights that they begrudge!
Have the angels for a jury, and the King of Kings the judge.

It is more than just the present, it’s the future that we fight,
To prevent the lowly peasant crushed beneath the heel of Might.
Seekers of the Truth, stand bravely! For your worthy cause is grand.
You are standing for your freedom, fighting for your children’s land.

Break the old financial systems that support the rich man‘s lies.
Spread the truth ‘till tens of thousands march together and uprise.
Slowly, surely, onward going, the resistance growing strong,
Sweeping all the lies aside, let the tide of truth flow on.

Raise the sound of battle music, for each woman, child, and man,
So it rings across the oceans to the poor of other lands.
Let the poets and the writers stand for truth against the lies
Until words of TRUTH and FREEDOM are blazed across the skies.

by John Hansen © 2020

“No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”
— George Orwell – Animal Farm

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John Hansen

Longtime poet but not in the traditional technical sense. I enjoy rhyme but like to experiment and dabble in many different forms and maybe even make up some of my own. There is always a message or lesson I want to promote through my writing, for that reason, my poetry generally shies away from the abstract and obscure. After a lot of procrastinating I have finally self-published my first eBook of poetry "I Laughed a Smile" at Now I find myself branching out and experimenting with short fiction. I have also been fortunate to have two poems chosen to be made into songs and recorded. The first "On the Road to Kingdom Come" by Al Wordlaw, and the second, "If I Could Write a Love Poem" by award-winning Israeli/British singer Tally Koren. I am also finding my services increasingly in demand as a freelance writer and I have ghost-written the text for a number of children's books and educational tutorials. It has taken me many years of searching and restlessness to realise that my life's passion is to write. It saddens me that I wasted so many years not devoting to that, but thinking positively, the experiences gained over those years are now wonderful material for my stories and poems. I want to try to bring a new focus on poetry and try to make it appealing to a new generation of young people and those who thought they never liked or understood it before.

6 thoughts on “Seekers of the Truth, Stand Bravely!

    • February 25, 2020 at 12:04 PM

      A battle cry to stop the greed, to stop the rich. But how?? Do we ask them for it. No. Do we revolt against big business. No. Do we try to exceed the norm and become one of them, maybe. Excellent poetry John


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