When Great Powers Collide

When Great Powers Collide …

When Great Powers Collide
“Are our containment units prepared for such a large amount of power?”

When Great Powers Collide

1.) To Collide

“Terra, you are needed on the bridge please join Alex.”

“I will not silently witness mass murder.”  Terra sat in her room with her hands covering her face.  “Whatever is happening I will stay here until the Universe returns to balance.”

“As you wish.”  The voice of Verotchka left the room and silence remained.

2.) Prepare for Collision

Alex ran down the hallway from Central Processing towards the bridge.

The Verotchka arrived at the coordinates where the unknown surge of energy from the Tetchkin surface should arrive.

“The calculations are sound.  At the speed of travel, the surge of energy should reach our containment units within seconds.”

“Are our containment units prepared for such a large amount of power?”

“According to the numbers, the surge should enter containment where an opposite force, hopefully with the same magnitude, will be applied to obtain stability and control.”

“Verotchka is this planned?” Lights dimmed and shut off as Alex tried to enter the bridge.  The door did not open and Alex quickly began an override sequence.

3.) Great Powers Collide

“What a fantastic ship we have here.”

“Who are you? Or what are you?”  Alex leaned on the door panel.

“My name is Kolpa and I control this ship now.”  Kolpa’s voice could be heard resonating throughout Verotchka’s hull.

“No one but Verotchka controls Verotchka!”  Alex laughed.

“In that case you are irrelevant,”  Kolpa spoke as a surge of electricity moved through Alex’s grip and his heart stopped.

As Alex’s body fell to the floor the absence of his vital signs started activity in the Embryo Chamber at the other end of the ship.  Two frozen embryos moved from Cryo-Storage to a thawing and birth chamber.

“This is very interesting.” Kolpa’s attention moved from the bridge toward the Embryo Chamber, where a dozen frozen embryos slept, set in motion by the death of Alex.  “What is this?  A chance for me to branch out!”

Kolpa, after assimilating all cryogenic operations data, laughed at this new opportunity.

4.) Cryo Collision

After a few minutes of reviewing operations data, Kolpa learned how to manipulate Cryo-Dreams.  The Cryo-Dream enhancement serum surrounding the neural networks of thawing embryos turned from yellow to a bright red.

“My children!  Whoever you are, move away from my children!”  Verotchka sent a burst of energy through the Cryo Chamber hoping to disable this entity.

“I do not need to introduce myself to you.  You are mechanical and mean nothing.  I am close to being a God.”  Kolpa sent a counter surge that caused explosions throughout the ship.

Verotchka felt itself falling into blackness for the first time.

5.) Holographs Collide

The door to Terra’s room slid open with the first explosion.  A second explosion, within her room, forced her into the hallway.

Whatever is happening here I must make it to the greenhouse, to be close to oxygen production and food, in case Verotchka is damaged beyond repair.”  Terra thought as she sped towards the direction of the greenhouse.

She climbed a ladder from the balcony down onto the dirt of the first evergreen forest of the vast greenhouse.  She walked a while until she found the hologram log cabin with smoke exiting the chimney.  After entering she noticed a hologram of herself throwing logs into a wood-burning stove.

“We are under attack.”  Terra’s hologram said.

“Has the alliance caught up to you?”  Terra took a seat in front of the stove.

“No. An entity, unlike anything I have seen before, has taken over the ship.  Currently, the entity is manipulating Cryo-Dreams within Embryo Cryo-Storage.”

“That is impossible.”

“This entity breaks all rules of possibility.”

“Why should I help you, Verotchka?  What could I do anyway?”

“Nothing.  I guess keep me company while I am systematically erased.”

“We do not know what this entity is or what its plans are, but if it can overpower you this power could gain control of everything, especially since you attacked the heart of the Galactic Alliance.”

“You are correct.”

“Wait.  Verotchka can you find a way to infiltrate this entity to find weakness without it noticing?”  Terra put both hands on the table and leaned over towards her hologram.

“There may be a way.  I am currently running calculations and configuring pathways.  Yes.  I will intermingle on a molecular level to find purpose and hopefully weakness.”  The hologram faced Terra, smiled, and disappeared.

6.) Time Collides

Terra sat down at the table, in front of the wood-burning stove, and examined the antique furniture.

She wondered how all of this started and how all this death altered her path in life.  The pain of losing her husband changed, not only her but her course and her cause.  The decision to involve herself with Verotchka during her grief is what led to now.  The true reason she sat on this wooden chair deep in a greenhouse aboard a spaceship whose AI is capable of great violence.

She, once again, missed Somyan and for the first time longed for family.  Did the destruction of Centra remove the last bit of humanity or was it a chance to be reborn?

“I have returned unnoticed.”  Holographic Terra flickered back into existence.  “I have found something that may be a weakness.  This entity is comprised of two sentient sources of power, one male and one female.  The male, by the name of Kolpa, is the primary motivator of all action and the female, Varva, is a quiet voice in the background.  It feels like this Varva is scared and hidden but if we motivated her she may have the power to destroy Kolpa.”

“Kolpa!  Senator Kolpa?  This cannot be!”  Terra stood up quickly.  “This entity is Lai like me!”

“The odds of you knowing this entity are one in a million, Terra.  But if there is a familiarity we could use this to our advantage.”

“Probability is lost from this entire situation.”  Terra laughed.

“I need to power down.  If I am to remain hidden, for now, I need to stay in the dark.  I will return periodically to work on a plan and move forward.”  The holographic cabin changed into many multicolored pixels and faded into a now dark greenhouse.

7.) A Time to Collide

“How can I contact this Varva and how can I convince her to fight?”  Terra stood in the dark and looked up into a dark canopy of pine.  The flickering lights, from various generators, still running, gave the illusion of stars above her head.

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