A Merry Christmas for Unicorn

Merry Christmas for Unicorn
A Merry Christmas for Unicorn

A Merry Christmas for Unicorn

1. Acorn the Unicorn

Acorn, a young Unicorn, wished he could see children’s faces as they opened their presents on Christmas.  His favorite thing to do is to look down from the clouds where he lived during Christmas time.  Today he spent his time, finding a good spot, on clouds near his home, since Christmas is only a few weeks away.

After finding the perfect fluffy cloud, where he could get comfortable, he started back home to a cloud a few jumps away.

“Mom, why can’t we go to the surface with the people?”  Acorn asked while he headed towards a pool of moisture ready to turn to rain.

“We are mythical creatures son and we cannot let the people know we are real.”

“But why Mom?”

“Well, son, when the Earth was still young all of us lived together in peace.  The people were too busy building castles and plowing the land for food to play with us and over time we grew apart.  Shortly after this people started fighting with other people over castles and land.  Mythical creatures, unused to all the fighting, left and moved to the clouds.”  Acorn’s Mom lowered her head to sip from the pool.

“Can I tell you what I want for Christmas this year?”  Acorn, after losing interest in the conversation, nagged his Mother.

2. A Unicorn’s Christmas Wish

“Ok, Acorn, what would you like for Christmas this year?”

“Well, I would like to go to the surface on Christmas and see the lights.”

“I will think on that Acorn.  Let’s go home for supper.”  Acorn’s Mom led them home where they both ate supper and went to bed.

Acorn, up early to wax his horn, waited for his Mom to serve breakfast.  Even if he couldn’t spend Christmas on the surface he still had his cloud.  The idea of looking down on Christmas put a skip in his walk.

“You know Acorn,” his Mom said pouring him a bowl of rainwater, “I have been thinking about your Christmas request and I think we might be able to work things out.”

“I can go to the surface?”  Acorn replied as he moved his muzzle towards his morning bowl of oats.

“Maybe, Acorn, first though I need you to write a letter to Santa explaining what you want for Christmas.  Second, give the letter to the Post.  Third, we will wait and see what Santa says.  How does that plan sound?”

“Will do Mom,”  Acorn answered as he lost himself in the enjoyment of his morning meal.

3. A Letter to Santa

Acorn wrote his letter to Santa, on his special Christmas cloud, by waving his horn over the paper as words appeared.  He explained to Santa how much he loved Christmas and how he would love to see the faces of children Christmas morning.  After he finished he headed home to his mother.

“Mom I wrote the letter.”  He exclaimed.

“That was quick, Acorn.”  Acorn’s Mom stopped her chores to talk.  “Now we must get our representative from the Post Office to place it in an envelope, seal it with a stamp, and mail it to Santa.”

“Can we get him now?”

“Patience Acorn he will arrive shortly to drop off our mail.”

Acorn waited in front of their home for the Post Office representative to arrive.  He kicked a few random floating clouds and kept repeating his request in his head.

I wonder what Santa will say?”  Acorn thought as he waited.

“Acorn, make sure you get all of your chores done.  We cannot neglect our daily routines even though we are excited for Christmas.”  Acorn’s Mom reminded him.

A few minutes passed, enough time for Acorn to put his toys away in his room before a knock at the front door grabbed his attention.

4.  Some Unicorn Magic

He ran from his room to the door in what seemed to be seconds flat and met Cadrea the Centaur.  Cadrea wore a blue uniform and a crisp blue cap.

“I have some mail for your Mother.”  Cadrea lifted a few letters from bags held on his haunches.  “I think she will be excited to read them.”

“I have a letter to Santa I would like to mail.”  Acorn took his Mother’s mail from Cadrea.  “Can you put the letter in an envelope, seal it with a stamp, and deliver it to Santa for me?”

“Of course my little friend.”  Cadrea opened his bag.  “Where is this letter?”

Acorn thought real hard about where he left it and then swished his horn.  The letter floated up behind him and folded itself before landing in Cadrea’s hand.

“Well done Acorn.  Your magic gets better every day.”  Cadrea placed the letter in an envelope he found in his bag.  “All it needs now is a stamp.  Do you have a penny?”

This time Acorn found a penny.

5. Some Problems for Santa

Santa had more problems to deal with this year and worry and strain could be seen on his face.

“Prancer hurt his legs during The Reindeer Games this year.”  Santa shook his head.

“I know.”  Mrs. Claus replied as they walked through the elves’ workshop to inspect the games.

“Well, what can I do?  Excuse me, please make sure that Yahtzee has all the dice.”  Santa pointed to a box an elf packed.

A knock at the door took Santa’s mind off the problem for a moment.  He turned towards the door as three mail elves struggled to carry a huge bag of letters.

“Time to start my studying for the day,”  Santa spoke with a hearty laugh as he grabbed an extra stool from the corner of the workshop and took a seat.  “Honey do you have my glasses?”

“Why of course I do.”  Mrs. Claus reached into her patchwork purse and pulled out a pair of bifocals.

“This may take a while, I need some Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows.”  Santa winked to Mrs. Claus before he picked up his first letter and started to read.

“Oh my goodness Mrs. Clause we found an answer.”  Santa put his hand on his belly, laughed, and held Acorn’s letter in the air.

6.  A Unicorn and Santa

Acorn sat on his cloud and waited.  The next three days would take forever to pass.  He daydreamed about Christmas Trees whose lights offered a soft glow, to living rooms around the world, on Christmas morning.  Mugs of Hot Chocolate being passed around as children laughed and opened presents while listening to “Silent Night.

“Acorn you have a visitor.”  Acorn’s Mom called and woke him from his daydream.

A visitor?”  Thought Acorn as he pranced home.

Santa’s sleigh sat in front of Acorn’s house as he approached.  Acorn had never seen anything like it before and he took a closer look as he walked past.

“Be careful.”  Blitzen snorted into the air as Acorn hurried towards his Mom.

“Mom!  Mom! Santa’s sleigh is out front and a Reindeer just talked to me and…”  Acorn noticed that standing beside his Mother stood Santa, the legend himself, wearing a red jacket lined with the thickest, whitest wool he had ever seen.

“Acorn.  It is a pleasure to meet you.  I read your letter.”  Santa laughed.

“You did? Oh my, I do not know what to say!”  Acorn jumped past Santa and hid behind his Mom.

“Don’t be scared Acorn I just want to talk.”  Santa bent down and tried to make Acorn feel at ease.

7.  Merry Christmas Unicorn

“He is pretty shy.”  Acorn’s Mom gave Acorn a little shove to his haunches.

“Well, Acorn, Prancer is sick and I was wondering if you would help me by taking his place this year.”  Santa put his hands to his knees.

“No, I couldn’t.  Momma needs me.”  Acorn stuttered.

“Oh, Acorn, it would be ok if you helped Santa and you can see the children enjoying Christmas.”  Acorn’s Mom nudged him with her muzzle.

A reindeer, one with a shiny red nose, walked into Acorn’s house.  Acorn immediately recognized Rudolph.

“Santa we must leave here soon there is a lot on our to-do list today.”  Rudolph reminded Santa.

“Rudolph this is Acorn.  I am trying to convince him to take Prancer’s spot this year.”  Santa motioned towards Acorn.

“Acorn I know exactly how you feel.  Come with me and let me introduce you to the crew and show you the ropes.  Don’t worry kiddo I will protect you.”  Rudolph finally convinced Acorn to follow him.

Santa let out a long belly laugh and Acorn’s Mom smiled.

“Mom I will be back soon.  I love you so much.”

“Acorn you go see Christmas and I will be here when you return.”  Acorn’s Mom winked at Acorn as he turned around and left the house with Rudolph.

“Merry Christmas.”  Santa bellowed.  “I will bring him home safe.  Thank you, Mrs. Unicorn.”

8. Merry Christmas

Acorn helped to pull Santa’s sleigh and he saw enough Christmas Trees and smiling children to last his lifetime.  More than one child told their parents Christmas morning that they swear they saw a Unicorn with Santa this year.

If you would like to enjoy some holiday poetry with your eggnog feel free to enjoy the following link:


Merry Christmas From My Family to Yours!

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4 thoughts on “A Merry Christmas for Unicorn

  • December 24, 2019 at 12:50 AM

    Oh! Such a heartwarming story, Jamie. What a wonderful Christmas for Acorn. You did well on creating a great story.

    Merry Christmas to you and your children.

  • December 30, 2019 at 5:50 AM

    What a delightful Christmas story, Jamie. I hope you had an enjoyable one and an even better New Year.


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